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National Officer Nominating Committee

National Officer Nominating Committee

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FFA members have the opportunity to serve the organization in many capacities. One distinguished opportunity available to nine FFA members each year is service on the National FFA Officer Nominating Committee. This is the committee of students who interview and select the national FFA officers during each National FFA Convention & Expo.

This is the committee of students who interview and select the national FFA officers during the current national FFA convention

The role is immensely important, as the six FFA members chosen each year as national FFA officers represent more than 500,000 FFA members nationwide in numerous roles. Selection of the nominating committee is a critical first step in the national officer selection process. To ensure that the nominating committee is qualified to select the new team of national FFA officers, specific policies and procedures have been established by the National FFA Organization's Board of Directors to guide the selection and conduct of the nominating committee. Beyond these  policies, the National FFA Organization staff has implemented several administrative procedures to further ensure that the nominating committee is appropriately prepared for the task of selecting the national FFA officers.

The following documents outline more information about service on this important committee.

Join the Nominating Committee

Think you know someone who would make an excellent nominating committee member? Would you personally like to be a nominating committee member? If you meet the eligibility requirements, please consider serving.

Questions about the program should be directed to

Kim Henry
Program Manager

Keisto Lucero
Education Specialist


National Officer Selection Process Handbook