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National Officer Candidates

National Officer Candidates

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Congratulations on being selected by your state as a National FFA Officer Candidate! This is an honor that many FFA members aspire to hold. As a candidate your training can be very rigorous and sometimes leave you with questions on what steps to take next. The following few pages will give you an overview of the process as well as tips and strategies that can be used to effectively prepare to be a candidate, and if elected a National FFA Officer.

Once you are chosen as the national officer candidate for your state, it’s time to think about what you need to prepare for running for office as well the possibility of being elected to office. Time and money are considerations for both.

As far as preparing for the election, you will need time and lots of it. If you can afford not to work full time over the summer, then you will have more time to prepare and focus on running for office. The amount of time that a national officer candidate spends most days of the week in preparation for office may vary from May or June through October. This will depend upon your goals and what knowledge you need to gain and what qualities you wish to improve.

Most national officers will agree that from whenever you are selected as your state’s national officer candidate through the election is a critical time of preparation. Create a schedule detailing your goals and objectives to utilize your time effectively.

If you are elected to national office, time becomes a precious commodity and the sooner you understand this, the better your experience in office will be. Your time is no longer your own except for those few days a month when you travel home to reconnect with your family and friends.


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