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​LifeKnowledge® Lessons

LifeKnowledge® Lessons

In the accountability-driven environment of education, greater demands are placed on student performance and teacher preparation. At the same time many educators, parents, and industry leaders expect students to develop essential skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, and personal development. Some of these skills are inherent components of classroom and FFA activities, but many more could be integrated into agricultural education programs if teachers had access to the resources needed for a targeted, measurable approach to leadership, personal growth, and career success. Welcome to LifeKnowledge. Real lessons for real life.

When you browse through the list of LifeKnowledge lessons, you'll quickly discover the breadth and depth of topics with each lesson correlated to a specific precept of leadership, personal growth and career success. The lessons are sequenced by stages of personal development, but each lesson is designed to stand-alone as a separate lesson for integration into your current agricultural education classes and FFA activities. You determine the needs of your students and decide which LifeKnowledge lesson works in appropriately. You now have additional, quality tools to make a difference in the development of all students in your classroom. Using LifeKnowledge materials allows you to show school administrators, parents and your community how agricultural education not only provides meaningful opportunities for students to learn academic skills, but to develop skills needed for personal and career success. Your agricultural education program can be recognized for the unique ability in your school to develop these skills in a tangible and measurable way.

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