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Getting Your State Insert in New Horizons

Getting Your State Insert in New Horizons

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Julie Woodard

Justin Davey

New Publisher for FFA New Horizons this Spring

FFA New Horizons magazine will be published by Meredith Corporation starting with the Spring 2017 issue. The magazine will still be published four times a year and your association will continue to have the opportunity to provide a state insert for publication. However, we want to notify you of some editorial, design, and process changes to the program. Please review the sections below for details regarding templates, contracts, schedules, and more.

Redesigned Templates

The Spring 2017 issue of FFA New Horizons will mail with an all-new design. To deliver a consistent magazine that follows FFA brand guidelines from cover to cover, we are providing state associations with new design templates. We strongly encourage associations to use the templates, which accommodate a variety of content needs, to build an engaging insert of their desired length.

Download PDF Template

Download InDesign Template

Insert Contracts

The National FFA Organization will manage insert contracts for each issue. Please complete an insert order for the issue you will participate in, scan it, and email it to Julie Woodard at

Complete Contract

Copy Prices

Sample Contract

Submission Guidelines

We have compiled a series of tips and tricks for creating your state insert, the formatting requirements, steps for page submission, and deadlines.

Read Guidelines

Download Press-Ready State Insert Instructions

Download Meredith Agrimedia-Produced State Insert Instructions