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About The Hunger Platform

About The Hunger Platform

Feeding Our World – Starting at Home

The National FFA Organization is making a long-term commitment to fight hunger in the United States and around the world through its hunger platform, Feeding Our World – Starting at Home. The implementation strategy is based on the three pillars of See It, Solve It, and Share It.

See It!
Hunger affects everyone. Chances are you know someone who is food insecure. See it, empowers our FFA members to learn about the causes of hunger locally, domestically and globally.

Solve It!
Once FFA members have identified a hunger need, the next step is to develop and implement an action plan. National FFA currently has several programs and grant opportunities that engage FFA members in service and advocacy activities to help address hunger.

Share It!
Once students learn to ‘See’ hunger, and engage to help ‘Solve’ it, they are in a position to advocate for the hungry and tell the positive story of FFA and agriculture as important pieces in the solution to food insecurity. The more we share our stories, the more support we will build for chapters and our fight against hunger.