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Nontraditional Alumni Chapters

Alumni Nontraditional Chapters

Nontraditional Chapters are available to groups, colleges, businesses and corporations as a means of providing their members/employees an opportunity to individually and collectively help support Agricultural Education programs and FFA chapters as a unified Alumni Chapter without being tied directly to a local FFA chapter. Nontraditional Chapters connect geographically-separate, yet otherwise-linked individuals to one another and allow them to rally around nearby chapters, even if those chapters are not their home chapters. This connection allows them to be a helping hand to local FFA advisors, as well as to state associations and the national organization.

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Nontraditional Alumni Chapters on a College Campus

Current Nontraditional Chapters on a College Campus

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Nontraditional Alumni Chapters

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Current Nontraditional Chapters

Current Nontraditional Alumni Chapters