ffa2015 2016 Inservice
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National FFA and National FFA Foundation Inservice

2016 Inservice

The National Agricultural Education Summit

And National FFA In-service

January 26-28, 2016

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing

8787 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN

2016 Summit Agenda

What's Trending in School Based Agricultural Education?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Onsite registration (1 - 3pm)

Location: Plaza Foyer

Welcome (3pm)

Location: Plaza C, D, E

Greetings from National Council for Agricultural Education Board of Directors
Greetings from USDE, Dr. Steve Brown, Program Specialist, College & Career Transition Branch
Key Summit information and logistics, Mike Honeycutt, Managing Director, The Council

Steve Brown Welcome

First General Session (3:30 - 6pm)

Location: Plaza C, D, E

Panel Discussion: National Career and Technical Education initiatives
Participants will be engaged in a discussion on current and up to date information in regard to national Career and Technical Education initiatives that will impact school-based agricultural education. Time will be allowed for a Q&A.

1st General Session

  • Panel Moderator: Mike Honeycutt, managing director, The Council

  • Panel participants:

    • NASDCTE: Kate Blosveren-Kreamer, Assistant Director
    • ACTE: Steve DeWitt, Deputy Executive Director
    • USDE/OCTAE: Dr. Steve Brown, Program Specialist

Special Presentation: Dusty Moore, iCEV Multimedia, President

Session 1 ICEV

Reception (6 - 8pm)

Location: Plaza Foyer

Enrichment Sessions (7:30 - 8:30pm)

  1. Career Development Events Revisions

    Location: Plaza C, D, E

    Update and report on event revisions impacting 2017-2021
    Presenter: Scott Jacobs, Education Specialist, Career Development Events

    CDE Revisions

  2. FFA.Org Profile rewrite

    Location: Suite 11 & 12

    Focus group and feedback on the state and chapter profile rewrites in FFA.org and FFA’s data collection efforts.


    • Josh Bledsoe; Chief Operating Officer

    • Lee Anne Shiller; Director, Merchandise and Membership Operations

    • Joel Gibbons; Director, Information Technology

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Continental Breakfast (7 - 8am)

Location: Plaza Foyer

Second General Session (8 - 10am)

Location: Plaza C, D, E

Panel Discussion: Credentials, Certificates and Programs of Study
This panel discussion will focus on the efforts of several state leaders to incorporate credentials, certificates and programs of study within their state agricultural education programs. Participants will learn about different approaches that have been taken and what each panelist has learned through the process in their state. Time will be allowed for Q&A.

Panel Moderator Mike Honeycutt, Managing Director, The Council

Panel Participants

Refreshment Break (10 - 10:15am)

Location: Plaza Foyer

Breakout Sessions (10:15am - Noon)

Breakout Session #1

  • Location: Plaza C, D, E

  • Advocacy in Agricultural Education and Agriculture

  • How should staff, teachers, students and volunteers be engaged in messaging what is best for agricultural education?

    • Moderator: Christine White; Director of Leadership, Education, Assessment and Development

    • Presenters:

      • Seth Hardin, Education Specialist, Agricultural Literacy and Advocacy

      • Nancy Trivette; New Jersey Agricultural Education Program Leader

      • Jay Jackman; Executive Director NAAE

Breakout Session #2

  • Location: Suite 11 & 12

  • Infusing Educational Standards into FFA Programs and Resources:

  • FFA programs and educational resources are being cross walked to AFNR and Core standards. This alignment further validates the value of FFA programs and resources, especially when discussing the FFA opportunities with school administration, state legislatures, and community supporters. Join us to learn more and share your feedback on how FFA can better support your state’s educational needs.

    • Ambra Tennery – Team leader, Educational Development

    • Rebecca Carter – Team leader, Awards and Recognition

National FFA Agriscience Fair and National Chapter Award revisions impacting 2017-2021

Jenna Genson - Educational Specialist, Chapter and Individual Awards

Revision Summary ASF Advisory Committee and Summit 2016

Revision Summary NCA Advisory Committee and Summit 2016

Revisions ASF Advisory Committee and Summit 2016

Revisions NCA Summit 2016

Breakout Session #3 (State Foundation Staff)

  • Location: Suite 8 & 9

  • Making the most of your State Fair:

  • With state fairs growing what you can do to be a major part of the celebration.We will hear from states who are very involved in their state fair and why they are successful.

    • Moderator: Lesli Garrett, National FFA Foundation

    • Presenters:

      • Chelsea Rose, Tennessee FFA Foundation

      • Don Thorn, Colorado FFA Foundation

      • Lisa Chaudion, Indiana FFA Foundation

      • Val Arsvold, Minnesota FFA Foundation

Lunch (Noon - 1pm)

Location: Plaza A & B

Third General Session (1 - 3pm)

Location: Plaza C, D, E

Opening remarks, overview and facilitation - Ellen Thompson (5-10 minutes)

National Supply and Demand Study Presentation – Dr. Becki Lawver, Utah State University (10 minutes)

Recruitment and Retention Promising Practices Panel (75 minutes for all three sections)

  • Recruiting the next generation of agriculture teachers: (25 minutes)

    • Kathy Novotney, Illinois

    • Pam Rowland, Missouri

    • Bruce Watkins, Arizona

  • Retaining agricultural education majors: (25 minutes)

    • Matt Kreifels, Nebraska

    • Sarah Dornink, Minnesota

    • Kurt Dillon, Kansas

  • Retaining current agriculture teachers: (25 minutes)

    • Misty Lambert, Oregon

    • Sarah Dornink, Minnesota

Open Q&A: (30 minutes)

Refreshment Break (3 - 3:30pm)

Location: Plaza Foyer

Breakout Sessions (3:30 - 6pm)

Breakout Session #1

Location: Plaza C, D, E

Breakout Session #2

Location: Suite 11 & 12

Breakout Session #3 (State Foundation Staff)

Location: Suite 8 & 9

Planned Giving: How it benefits your foundation for years to come.

Special presenters, led by Fred Troendle, CFP, will provide key information to assist state foundation staff to work with potential donors on charitable remainder trusts, handling gifts of grain and highly depreciated machinery. This is information you cannot afford to miss as you prepare for the financial future of your state organization.


  • Fred Troendle, CFP, Fred Troendle and Associates, Saint Charles, Minn.

  • Jeff Chrisite, Renaissance Administration LLC, Indianapolis, Ind.

  • Dean Harder, President, The OYRI Group, Zionsville, Ind.

Dinner (6 - 7pm)

Location : Plaza A & B

State Foundation Staff will meet for dinner and reception in Suite 16

Enrichment Sessions (7:30 - 8:30pm)

2016 National FFA Convention and Expo Direction and Vision
Location: Plaza C, D, E

Mandy Hazlett; Team leader, convention and events management

Key discussions regarding new convention and expo website, convention credential systems and other enhancement items.

2016 Convention and Expo

Hunger Boot Camp Focus Group
Location: Suite 11 & 12

Michele Sullivan; team leader, living to serve team

Provide valuable insight and feedback to the FFA Living to Serve team on training delivery models for hunger and other opportunities.

Hunger Breakout Session

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Continental Breakfast (7 – 7:45 a.m.)

Location: Plaza Foyer

Breakout Sessions (8 - 10am)

Targeted Topic Session 1: Update on 2015-16 Revision of the Agricultural Education National Quality Program Standards

NQPS Project Update

National Quality Program Standards

Location: Plaza C, D, E

Process for performing the revision, Mike Honeycutt, Managing Director, The Council

Reveal of Newly Revised National Quality Program Standards

Panel Discussion on using NQPS Standards at a State Level

Panel Members:

  • Mike Womochil, Colorado

  • Nancy Trivette, New Jersey

  • Kurt Dillon, Kansas

  • Matt Kriefels, Nebraska

  • Terry Hughes, New York

  • Jeff Hicken, Wisconsin

  • Glenn Orthel, Idaho

Targeted Topic Session 2 (State Foundation Staff): Keys to Putting on Events and Special Projects:

Location: Suite 8 & 9

How to make your events fun and engaging while ensuring you get the most impact while encouraging donors to contribute. Professional fundraising experts will lead the workshop and provide plenty of time for discussion and interaction with participants.

Moderator Dr. Amanda Cecil, Deptartment of Tourism, Conventions and Event Management, IUPUI Contributing


  • Stacey Agnew, Nebraska FFA Foundation

  • Joshua Remington, Iowa FFA Foundation

  • Sheldon McKinney, Kentucky FFA Foundation

Refreshment Break (10 - 10:15am)

Location: Plaza Foyer

Targeted FFA Topic Session 3 (10:15 - 11:30 am)

Location: Plaza C, D, E

  • National FFA Convention and Expo Key Updates - Mandy Hazlett, Team Leader, Events Management

  • Chapter and Individual Profile Updates – Lee Ann Shiller; Director, Merchandise and Membership Services

  • Website and Branding Updates – Jan Chronic; Director, Marketing, Communications, Brand and Sales Management

    Website Branding Chronic

  • Educational Resources – My Journey, Resume Generator, Habitudes and Discovery Project – Ambra Tennery; Team Leader, Educational Development Team

  • Hunger Grants - Michele Sullivan, Team Leader, Living to Serve Team

General Session 4 (11:40am - 12:25pm)
National FFA Organization - State of Union

Location: Plaza C, D, E

Dwight Armstrong; Chief Executive Officer

Josh Bledsoe; Chief Operating Officer

Molly Ball; President, National FFA Foundation

David Schapker; Chief Financial Officer

Lunch and Conference Conclusion (12:25 - 1:45pm)

Location: Plaza A & B

Shuttle Departs for Airport at 2:15pm