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Our Core Identity

​​​​​​​​​​Our Emblem
  • Anatomy of the FFA Emblem

    The national FFA emblem, consisting of five symbols, is representative of the history, goals and future of the organization. As a whole, the emblem covers the broad spectrum of FFA and agriculture. Each element within the emblem has unique significance. Learn More.

  • Three-Color FFA Emblem

    Utilize the primary, three-color emblem when the mark appears on any background. The emblem should never be altered, outlined, shadowed or otherwise modified. [Learn more]

  • One-Color F​FA Emblem

    The alternate, one-color emblem should only be used when the emblem cannot be produced in full color. The one-color white logo should be used for engraving and etching only.

  • ​​
    Small FFA Emblem

    The FFA emblem should never be smaller than 0.75" width in print or 40px width for web.

  • FFA Emblem Clearance

    Whether the FFA emblem is stitched on a jacket or projected on a screen, it needs to be placed in a consistent manner for maximum clarity and importance. Place the emblem no less than one-half of the total width of the letters “FFA” from other objects or text.

Our Colors
  • Color Sequence

    Blue is the primary color of FFA and should be used most often as the dominant color. It provides a rich, high-contrast background and helps support the heritage of the brand. Yellow pairs well with the blue and should be used as a secondary, accent color. Red is our tertiary color and can be used as another accent color. It works especially well when paired with the blue. It is most frequently used for linear, divider elements and call-out areas.

  • Brand Colors

    The official colors of the National FFA Organization are National Blue and Corn Gold. Red also appears in the FFA emblem and should be used as an accent color.​

  • Our Typefaces
  • Our Typefaces
  • Our Typefaces
  • Our Typefaces

What does a good brand photo look like?
  • Tells a story
  • Be rich in color and contrast
  • Evokes a feeling
  • Have a good depth of field