Take advantage of our unique approach to guide student experiences.

FFA study programs are broken out into eight distinct career pathways to help FFA members focus on their area of interest and increase their expertise. The Expo utilizes these eight career pathways as a way to segment exhibitors and guide FFA members’ experience.

Animal Systems

The study of animal systems, including life processes, health, nutrition, genetics, management and processing, through the study of small animals, aquaculture, livestock, dairy, horses and poultry.

Agribusiness Systems

The study of business principles – management, marketing and finance – and their application to enterprises engaged in agriculture, food and natural resources.

Food Products and Processing Systems

The study of product development, quality assurance, food safety, production, sales and service, regulation and compliance and food service within the food science industry.

Natural Resource Systems

The study of soil, water, wildlife, forestry, air and other natural resources management.

Environmental Service Systems

The study of systems, instruments and technology used in waste management and their influence on the environment.

Power, Structural and Technical Systems

The study of agricultural equipment, power systems, alternative fuel sources, precision technology, woodworking, metalworking, welding and project planning for agricultural structures.

Plant Systems

The study of plant life cycles, classifications, functions, structures, reproduction, media and nutrients and growth and cultural practices through the study of crops, turf grass, trees and shrubs and ornamental plants.

Biotechnology Systems

The study of data and techniques of applied science for the solution of living organisms’ problems.

Alumni Nation

Alumni Nation is a new area of the Expo that hosts exhibitors specifically seeking connections with former FFA members. Nearly 5,000 square feet of prime exhibit space on the main entrance aisle of the Expo comprises Alumni Nation. More than 6,500 former FFA members visit Alumni Nation each year during Expo.

Teachers’ World

Teachers’ World provides exhibitors the opportunity to connect with agriculture and science teachers who have direct contact to more than 500,000 FFA members. More than 4,000 secondary teachers attend the Expo and are buyers of your products and services – they’re also your link to future buyers and employees. Teachers’ World exhibitors show that their organization cares about agricultural education and is willing to invest in the future.

Collegiate Connection

Collegiate Connection provides an opportunity to showcase your school or university to Expo attendees. Collegiate Connection features more than 100 schools and more than 20,000 square feet of exhibit space on the Expo floor.


AutoWorld is a dedicated exhibit area of the Expo focused on the automotive, motorsport and racing industries. Exhibitors showcase their latest products and engage visitors, who are encouraged to participate in interactive displays and discuss industry specifics with exhibitors.

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall is the Expo destination for great souvenirs, teaching tools, FFA chapter supplies, FFA merchandise and more. The mall also features merchandise from more than 20 companies, including John Deere, Cowpokes, Souvenir Shirts, Farm Boy, Wire Works Custom Jewelry and more.