Introduction To Using The Focusing on Agricultural Issues Instructional Materials

The instructional materials are designed for teachers to use as a supplement in their normal course offerings.  One or several agricultural issues can be infused into existing areas of study such as animal science or environmental technology.  The materials are not intended as a new curriculum.  Consequently, teachers can select appropriate issues and infuse them into several agricultural classes.  Since the discussion of an agricultural issue will vary depending on the amount of information gathered, and the knowledge and concern about the issue by the participants and discussants, the materials provided will be of value to all students.

These agricultural issue materials have been divided into the following nine units of instruction and includes information and links to current websites for studying agricultural issues and a helpful presenters guide for developing and presenting the Agricultural Issues Forum.

Unit One:
Unit Two:
Unit Three:
Unit Four:
Unit Five:
Unit Six:
Unit Seven:
Unit Eight:
Unit Nine:
Agricultural Issue Analysis
Environmental Issues
Agricultural Technology Issues
Animal Issues
Agricultural Career Issues
Economy and Trade Issues
Agricultural Policy Issues
Food Safety Issues
Biotechnology Issues

Information and Websites for Studying Agricultural Issues

Agricultural Issues Forum Presenters Guide

Unit One contains:
Objectives — performance based student objectives
The Teachable Moment — suggestions for infusing the materials into existing curricula
Teaching Materials — materials and references which would be helpful in teaching the unit or specific issue
Suggested Teaching Strategies — instructions for using the materials found in the remaining units
Suggested Evaluation Strategies — suggestions for evaluating students' knowledge of the material covered in the unit
Terms — a vocabulary list of unfamiliar terms found in the unit

The remaining Units, Two - Nine, will contain; Specific Agricultural Issues, The Teachable Moment , and Teaching Materials as well as an example of an agricultural issue that has been researched in Units Two, Four, and Eight to serve as a model.