Specific Food Safety Issues

  1. Should a person become a vegetarian?

  2. Are hormones and feed additives given to animals persistent in the meat consumed by humans?

  3. Are the new nutrition guidelines significantly affecting the agricultural industry?

  4. Can foods treated with pesticides while growing, have a harmful affect on human health?

  5. Should we require more restrictions on advertising and labeling of what is in the food we consume?

  6. Is cholesterol hazardous to our health?

  7. Does our drinking water contain too many nitrates and nitrites for human consumption?

  8. Should fats and fiber become a part of our diet?

  9. Is the food on our table safe to eat?

  10. Is Salmonella a problem in the food we eat?

  11. Is the quality of food produced in the United States comparable to other countries?

  12. Do pesticides, spoilage, packaging and waxes have an affect on the consumer?

  13. Should the affect of pesticides used on food be looked at on an individual or cumulative basis?

  14. Do natural carcinogens have as much of an affect on human health and the environment as man-made carcinogens and at what level?

  15. Are safety margins built into the tolerances set by EPA sufficient to protect human health including children?

  16. Are pesticides used for cosmetic purposes?

  17. Is organically grown food more nutritious than those grown utilizing pesticides and fertilizers?