Specific Biotechnology Issues

  1. Biotechnology and Its Impact
    1. Should biotechnology be used as a method of improving existing species of plants and animals?

    2. Will the use of biotechnology have an impact on producers, agricultural businesses, and rural communities?

    3. Is biotechnology having an impact on food and non-food uses of agricultural products?

    4. Is biotechnology research having an impact on food safety?

    5. Does continued research on agricultural biotechnology pose risks to our environment?

    6. Is biotechnology research being sufficiently monitored by the USDA and EPA?

    7. Will more funding for agricultural biotechnology research keep U.S. agriculture competitive on a global perspective?

    8. Should foods or drugs produced through biotechnology be labeled as such?

    9. Should agricultural biotechnology be used to alter the genetic makeup of living organisms?

    10. How will agricultural biotechnology influence our future?

    11. Should cloning be banned?