Specific Animal Issues

  1. Animal Rights and Welfare
    1. Should animals be used as a food source for other animals?

    2. Should new technology be used to increase the productivity of specialty animals (e.g. foxes, mink, dogs, etc.)?

    3. Does the use of chemicals and hormones in animal production interfere with an animal's rights and welfare?

    4. Should animals be used for entertainment (e.g. horse races, dog races, rodeos, etc.)?

    5. Is there a difference between animal rights and animal welfare?

    6. Should more grain be used for animal production than what is used for human consumption?

    7. Do animals provide support for different groups of people (e.g. in nursing homes, for companionship, disabilities, etc.)?

  2. Animal Production Technology
    1. Does the use of alternative feeds such as citrus pulp, cookies, and orange peels have an impact on the quality of meat, etc. that is produced?

    2. How is the use of confinement housing affecting animal production?

    3. How is genetic engineering/embryo transfer affecting animal production?

  3. Animals in Research
    1. Should animals be used for scientific research?

    2. Are there reasonable alternatives to animal testing?