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Lauren G.
Preston, ID

I have been involved in FFA since I was a freshman and have loved every minute of it! I have been so blessed to have the best advisors that an FFA chapter could have! They have encouraged me to try new things and to work my very hardest. Because of their belief in me I have run for many offices, with their help I am even running for state office! I have particpated in various CDE's and had opportunities to speak in front of classes and at meetings. Through this wonderul organization called FFA I have learned life long lessons that I could not have possibly learned anywhere else! I give all the credit of my sucesses to my advisors, my wonderful chapter, my district officer team and my family!

Codi S.
Austin, TX

I have been involved in agriculture for as long as I can remember. I started out in 4-H and then when I became a freshman in high school I joined FFA. FFA was my life in high school. I loved going to the stockshows, CDE contests, LDE contests, and all the conventions from District to State. I learned so many things about life from FFA that cannot be taught in a class room. I am in college now, but still maintain my membership with the Bowie-Austin FFA Chapter. I am also a member and officer of the Tarleton State Collegiate FFA Chapter. Now my role has switched from being an exhibitor to someone who gives back to the organization by helping put on contests and helping the younger FFA students. I still go and support my high school chapter as much as I can and I share the story of agriculture and FFA. Without Agriculture everyone would be naked and hungry and by being in FFA everyone learns to be an advocate for agriculture. Agriculture is my past, my present, and my future.

Ryan Toenjes
Center Junction, IA
Supporters and Alumni Registration

When I was a freshman in high school, most of my friends were in ag class. So at the end of the first semester I asked my ag advisor if I could join FFA at the start of the second semester. He said, " You can join, but only if you show pigs!"

I told him, "That wouldn't be possible because I live in town." So, I went home and over the Christmas break I talked to my parents about this situation. My father owns a hog buying station and told me I could use one of those pens to raise some pigs for the fairs.

So, I went back to the advisor and told him that it was gonna be possible for me to show pigs, and then I asked him again if I could join ag he said, "I am glad that you can show pigs, but I was only joking with you, I would let you join any way!!!"

Well, that was the begining. After four years of showing pigs in high school at the county and state fair, I continued my education at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and got my AAS degree in Agriculture Production Management with swine emphasis. I continued to show pigs at the state fair until my eligibility was up. Now I am running a 40 sow (mostly purebred) operation selling show pigs and breeding stock. I also continue to show breeding stock at all the National Swine Registry shows through out the country.

I have made many friends through out my education time, and still keep intouch with most. I have also made many friends in the show pig industry, I would consider them more family than friends. So that is my life changing FFA story, without FFA who knows what I would be doing these days.

Caylynn R.
Altha, FL

I remember when I first entered FFA. I was so excited because I heard this was a wonderful club. My first FFA event was horse evaluation with my close friends April,Aubree,and Jesse. Aubree and Jesse were very supportive over April and I because it was our first year.We placed 7th in the state. My second event was vegetable judging with my friends April and Jamyn we placed 16th out of 47 teams. FFA has taught me leadershipand how to study and work hard not just in a club but in school and anywhere else. I love FFA an I will be a member till I graduate and then I will become and alumni!

Holly S.
Batesville, IN
Supporters and Alumni Registration

In 1984 I went to greenhand camp not knowing what to expect. I will say I had an awesome time and only wanted more. While there at camp I did meet my best friend, he was from Shenadoah High School in Henry County, Indiana, I was from Triton Central High School in Shelby County, Indiana. That was nearly 200 miles apart, and I thought to myself I would never hear from ar see him again. Well through the year we have always stayed in contact, through marriages, divorces, kids and the passing of both of our mothers. Although he nows lives in Flordia we still speak weekly and we have a friendship that will last a lifetime thanks to FFA, and to think I didnt want to go. WOW was I wrong. It was one of the best experinces of my life, and I will say there are so many things that you can take with you for a lifetime that you learn at camp.

Nickolas W.
Middleburg, FL

I have been involed in FFA for one year. This one year has brought me closer to my goal of becoming a large animal veternarian. I have been shy since I could remember, but this one year in FFA has changed all of that. I am doing creed speaking next year and talking in front of my class which are two things I would have never dreamed of doing! But, I could never have done it without the help of my classmates and the continued support of my FFA advisor.

Olivia N.
Sacramento, CA

As I walk through the door to my freshman applied general science course, I didn't expect to be shouted at by my advisor with a huge "HI, CONGRATS YOUR IN THE FFA NOW!" My reaction? I was confused. What was FFA? Why am I here? I ended up learning exactly what it was. It was being able to raise market livestock through my first two years of FFA and being labeled Grand Champion in the state fair. It was attending every meeting possible to watch my idols (our officer team). It was being proud to say that my favorite colors are blue and gold. It was challenging the fear of public speaking. It was going to national and state convention every year and screaming my heart out. It was going up to anyone no matter what state they were from and saying "Hi my name is Olivia can I sit and talk with you?" when you realize all the lunch tables are taken at workshops. And finally, it was being able to serve others with a passion. I'm proud to say that in my junior year I will be my chapter's secretary, but FFA for me doesn't stop there. I hope to one day become a regional officer and a state so I can get the opportunity to serve my wonderful California association. I hope all of you can aspire to be the best you can be! Once an FFA member, always an FFA member.

Alex G.
Orangevale, CA

I grew up in Orangevale, California. I lived in suburbia all my life but my grandpa owns 2 acres and I grew up in the garden helping him. The harvest wasn't big but it fed the whole family in the summer. Now(as a freshman) I just got into the FFA program which was the smartest move I've made in my life so far. I just recently sold off my Tom turkey at the Sacramento County Fair and made a profit of 125 dollars. I hope in the future to raise a goat or two for next year.

Deedra H.
Wilson, KS

I remember when I joined FFA I was getting ready to become a freshman. When my best friend asked me what I was doing next year I had no idea. She told me all about FFA and I go interested I joined that next year and had a blast during my high school career. My advisor was the most inspiring throughout the years. I will miss her and my fellow members. Wilson, Kansas is the best chapter ever.

Danielle B.
St. Mary, MO

I took Ag 1 my Junior year and joined FFA and after just one year in FFA I have learned so many amazing things. I have learned to be more outgoing and to not be so shy. I have made alot of new friends and many fond memories. I went from wanting to drop out of school to looking forward to school everyday. FFA is an amazing organization!

Deana C.
Eolia, MO

Once school gets here it will be my sophmore year. Already i have been to national convention and state convention. I have also been on two contest teams, meats and forestry. I was ranked number 1 on the team of 3 for forestry. Towards the beginning of the year i set a goal and made a wish that I would be chapter historian. I prayed for Gods help and asked questions to our advisor of what i need to do. And within just a few moths at the chapter banquet they were announcing the new officer positions and who would have known the girl with not a lot of friends, and a brother who is her best friend and it was his last time in the blue, my wish had come true.

Cambridge G.
Martin, TN
Supporters and Alumni Registration

Even though since the age of three I had lived on a row crop production farm in Covington, TN, I still dont think that I really made a strong connection with agriculture until high school. My excitement wasn’t exactly at a high point when I walked in to my first Ag. Class at Brighton High School, due to the normal freshman fears and that I'd been told my stepdad had taken those classes. So, that meant I would too. Once I walked into that classroom though my life was changed forever. The next four years of my life were consumed by the FFA program at school. I showed market lambs, competed in as many CDE's as possible, filled out those time consuming SAE's every year, and served as my chapter vice president and president my senior year. Everything I learned from my advisors and FFA experiences will never be replaced. Through the guidance of my teachers I made the desicion to follow in their footsteps and teach fellow generations about agriculture, I'm now studying at UT Martin and am so excited for the future. I owe everything I am now to this wonderful organization and couldn’t imagine life without it!

Tyler B.
Chicago, IL
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I was a member of the Elkton FFA Chapter in Oregon under the supervision of Denny Quinby. As a chapter member, I focused less on the leadership opportunities and more on the technical/CDE side of things. I was particularly fond of the Forestry and Soil Judging CDEs. I had a couple of SAEs including Sheep Production Entrepreneurship and Dairy Production Entrepreneurship. I took a lot of pride in my flock of sheep and small heard of replacement Holsteins.

My senior year of high school, I applied for, interviewed and was elected to state office. For the next year I traveled around the state and nation representing the Oregon Association. That year offered me the most accelerated personal and professional growth of my early life.

Throughout college I stayed connected with FFA and worked for three years with the Washington Leadership Conference. I still, to this day, share stories from my WLC days. Aside from the work I do now, those were the hardest working days of my life with some of the greatest people around. I am ever thankful and proud to put WLC on my resume.

After graduating from Oregon State University, I migrated to Elk Grove, California where I worked for Excellence in Presentations. While there I worked closely with the California FFA Association as well as other CTEs. After one short year with EIP, a position with National FFA opened up and I pounced. For the next year and a half, I worked at 6060 developing and refining curriculum for FFA's leadership programs. The work I'm proudest of is the conceptualization and development of 360 Degrees. In particular, I think the Vision conference is the most substantial and valuable lesson I have ever developed.

After concluding my work with 360, another door opened and I moved on from FFA to take an internship at a new company in Chicago called Red Frog Events. Red Frog Events is one of the fastest growing companies in the nation and the only way to land a full-time job is through their internship program. I sincerely believe that had it not been for FFA, I would not have A) landed the internship, or B) landed the full-time job I currently have. In particular, I believe the innovation, problem solving and flat out hard work I experienced through my work with WLC, was a major building block to my success with Red Frog.

Now I'm heading up a new event known as Farm to Fork. It is the first agriculture-themed event we have ever done and I'm so happy to be back where my passions are rooted. I hope to build this event into something successful and, if that happens, partner with FFA in some way down the road. After all, without FFA, I wouldn't be the happy, confident and successful person I am today.

Laura P.
Versailles, KY

Ever since I joined FFA my sophomore year, my life has turned in a positive direction. I was headed down the wrong path, and my behaivor was out of control. I was hanging with the wrong crowd, and getting into things I shouldn't have been. I didn't care about school, and wasn't concerned about my future. However, FFA gave me something to be proud of and to live for. It taught me the importance of values. The people around me inspired me to want to be good. I wanted to make my advisor and my new friends proud of me. I wanted to be successful, whether it was competitions or chapter events, and I slowly got the hang of things. Despite where I started, I am now proudly president of my chapter, hold several regional competition first place titles and am best friends with all my fellow officers. I never fully appreciated the importance of being a good person of character and a hard worker until I joined FFA. I now have a positive future set for me in agriculture. Who knows where I would be today. This organization changed my life.

Christine B.
Johnstown, OH

I was born and raised in the city until my 6th grade year when we moved to a small farm in Johnstown, Ohio. My freshmen year of high school I joined one of the coolest organizations ever, FFA. Now here I am, daddies little girl, who wants to go to college and major in agriculture livestock reproduction and management for beef, swine and dairy. Also if it wasn’t for a friend of mine last year our junior year who said we where going to national convention I would have never broken out of my home sickness. FFA has helped me grow and find a career/dream in life I want to chase. Hard to believe I’m a senior now and I only have 2 more years in the jacket with more AMAZING memories to come!

Chi-Chi S.
La Russell, MO
Supporters or Alumni

Both my husband and I were involved in FFA through our local FFA chapters. However, we were 1200 miles apart doing the same things; participating in team contests, showing livestock, developing excellent leadership skills through public speaking and holding officer positions. We were both introduced to the FFA international program WEA. I participated in an exchange to Germany and the United Kingdom in 1985 and he to Australia in 1986. After our exchange we both attended college and earned agriculture degrees. In 1988, I attended a WEA reunion at the National FFA Convention in Kansas City. I found interest in a possible internship with the National FFA in Alexandria, VA. I went home disappointed that weekend after a very few showed for the reunion. As a 20 year old I told my parents thats it. I am done with FFA and that part of my life. Six weeks later my mother called and said someone from National FFA called for you. Why me? Totally confused, I returned their call. They were looking for an intern in their international program and asked me to apply. What you don't know is that I had only left my first name with the young lady intern I spoke with and told her I was from Missouri and had gone to England on exchange and what she was doing interested me. She and my future husband searched through boxes and boxes of files looking for a girl from Missouri, who went to England, with a very different name. They found me..Chi-Chi. I bought a new car, packed all I owned and moved to Alexandria VA with no place to live, no friends, and an internship. I met my co- worker and who thinks he was my boss, and unbeknownst to me my future husband. We worked side by side for 6 months on the inbound WEA PROGRAM. We brought 250 students from 31 different countries and placed them on farm and agriculture operations nationwide. We did visas, newsletters, and many orientations. That friendship continued when I returned home a year later to finish college. Jay, from NJ, decided he had never been to Missouri and what did he have to lose. He loaded everything he owned in a u-haul and traveled back to Missouri in a snow storm with no place to live and no job. He moved in with my parents, after only meeting them twice before. I left an hour and a half away to finish college, coming home only on the weekends. Two months later he asked me to marry him and we wed in Aug of 1990. We raised 2 sons who also had great success in FFA. Our oldest was MO State 1st VP in 2010-2011 and our youngest was on the National winning Forestry team in 2011. FFA has been great to our family and the friends we have met along the way has lasted a lifetime. This is our love story. The love of FFA Connected us 1500 miles away...Missouri and New Jersey.

Hannah B.
Dunn, NC
Supporters or Alumni

I joined FFA my freshman year of high school. Little did I know at the time that it would be one of the best decisions in my whole life. I didn't realize at the time how much of an impact it would have on me in the future. FFA was my life in high school. I was all FFA all the time. My sophomore year of high school I met someone through FFA that would also have a huge impact on my life. I met Reid, the love of my life. We were at an FFA meeting one afternoon after school. I didn't really notice him at first, but he noticed me. We hit it off and became great friends. That's all we were until the beginning of my senior year. Being on the officer team together and having meetings over the summer gave us an opportunity to really get to know each other even better and we began dating on September 1, 2011. He and FFA have made my life so much better than it could ever be. If I hadn't made the decision to join FFA my freshman year I might not have met Reid. I'm so thankful to be a part of FFA and to have Reid in my life. Thank you FFA for giving me everything I could ever want and more!

Dustin V.
Alvin, TX

I have been in FFA since my freshman year in high school and it has taught me so much. Now I have been using all that to help out people that are new to FFA to show them do's and don'ts. I used to show animals for 4-H and I'm on some judging teams and its fun to still learn stuff in FFA its shown me that you can do anything in life if you put effort into it. My heart told me to put my FFA chapter out there to the kids that want to get involved.

Hannah R.
Ferris, TX
Supporters or Alumni

Joining FFA has not only taught me so many things, such as responsibilty and maturity. It has also given me so many memories that I am so fond of. I've met plenty of new friends from many different districts and learned so much from every new friend. FFA has helped me join the Longhorn Showteam which has been SO benefitual. I found out about how close of a bond you can have with your longhorn. I found out how sweet and gentle these animals really are. It's amazing! Really! I learned how to halterbreak, decide feeding supplements, bathe cattle, clip cattle, blow dry and brush cattle, pressure and release method, but most importanlty I learned aboout having a relationship with them that is healthy and always growing. I learned how to judge livestock. I learned not only everything about cattle, but also pigs, goats, and horses too. It's been an amazing experience that I would most definetly never trade for anything else in this world. Joining FFA was the best thing I have ever done. Right now I am Greenhand Advisor and plan to continue in that choice of leadership. In the future, I plan to raise, breed, and sell my own longhorn cattle. FFA and The Longhorn Showteam has more than prepared me for that. I don't know what my life would look like if it wasn't for FFA, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a very happy one! Thank you FFA for all of the wonderful things you have done for me!

Kaylan E.
Greeneville, TN

I'm 14 years old, 15 in a few months, and a Freshman. On 8th grade night, or Freshman Orientation, I had to fill out a paper and choose what vocational classes I wanted. Principles of Agriculture was the last thing on my list. But, I ended up losing my list and didn't get to turn one in until later. Boy am I glad that that happened. If I hadn't lost that paper, I wouldn't have been enrolled in the Principles of Agriculture class I had last semester. But that was only the start of it. I put that as my last elective because I thought I would hate it. Sure, I have worked on a farm before. But, it was very seldom, and I did not like it. I didn't think farming was that important. That was until I actually learned stuff about it. I am now enrolled in Ag Mechanics in my second semester of my Freshie year! I have barely even started FFA, and I already have many memories. The first one I have created is being president in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. WOO! It was so much fun! Our chapter won 1st place in local! I was just glad I got to make new friends and had fun. Not to mention my voice was heard. I'm not a quiet person. I'm sure all of the judges heard my loud voice being the leader and president of our O&C team. Now that O&C is over, I know I have more memories to make in the future! Because of this time being a "president," I will strive to become our chapter’s president when I am a senior! Not to mention this year as a freshman I will be taking a trip in the Aggin Wagon to Gatlinburg, TN to the Tennessee State Convention! Yaaaaay! So excited! I can't wait to have fun with my friends, and also make more friends!! I'm sure I will be back to post more about many memories to come! I still have 3 and a half years left! :) I LOVE FFA!