Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the core of many educational programs.  Their involvement in an organization greatly contributes to its success.

The National FFA Alumni Association, in cooperation with Purdue University's Youth Development and Agricultural Education Department, has produced ten training modules that cover a wide range of volunteer program development topics.

Training Modules

Select a training module, according to your role within the organization:

Volunteer Managers

These modules are designed for use by state staff, agricultural teachers and volunteer leaders who manage volunteers.  These may be used for workshops or conference sessions.  Individual teachers and volunteer leaders can use the modules on an as-needed basis.

Agriculture Teachers

These modules are designed for use by practicing agriculture teachers.  State staff may want to use these modules for workshops or conference sessions and trainings.  Individual teachers can utilize the modules on an as-needed basis.

Teacher Educators

These modules are designed for use by teacher educators with college students in agricultural education teacher education programs.  These may be used as stand-alone units or as part of a teacher education course.

Module 1: Why Use Volunteers

Module 2: Positive Youth Development

Module 3: Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers

Module 4: Orientation Training and Evaluation

Module 5: Volunteer Recognition

Module 6: Risk Management Issues

Module 7: Volunteer Screening Process

Module 8: Financial Management

Module 9: Program Development

Module 10: Volunteer Management Database