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FFA Alumni 40th Anniversary

40 years of Believing, Supporting and Sustaining FFA and Ag Education! FFA Alumni it’s your turn to celebrate and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor by hosting a membership cookout, applying for a national award or having an FFA/FFA Alumni mixer.

Help National FFA Alumni Celebrate by Attending the following events:


Western Region

Affiliate Name: California FFA Alumni Association

California FFA Alumni Provide Judges for State FFA Convention

With dedication to service and desire to do more, the California FFA Alumni decided during an annual meeting at the 2010 California FFA Convention that they were well-suited to improve the convention experience. How they did it, though, proved to a remarkable way of both reaching their goal and invigorating FFA supporters who had lost touch with the organization. The California FFA Alumni set out to improve the experience for FFA member finalists in the 53 proficiency award areas by having at least 100 California FFA Alumni work as judges for the finals. The idea was to mirror the experience that proficiency finalists would have at the national FFA convention.

Typically, each of the 53 proficiency areas would already be staffed by a single representative from the award area's sponsor and over 100 California agriculture teachers. Many of the teachers doubled as FFA advisors charged with chaperoning and preparing FFA members while at convention, and the judging process certainly didn't help their duties. To solve that issue, the California FFA Alumni spread the word via social media and used other traditional approaches to locate and bring judges to convention from their own Alumni pool. The response was tremendous, and included FFA supporters ranging from a 1945 California state FFA officer to recent graduates looking to stay engaged with FFA. The California FFA Alumni easily reached their goal, and took great satisfation in the smiles generated from FFA advisors who could now join their FFA members in the convention experience.

Many of the California FFA Alumni members who worked as judges during the convention had not attended a State FFA Convention since they were active members, and the moment served as a launching pad to generate more active Alumni membership.

"We are working to double our active state Alumni members," said Hugh Mooney, California FFA Alumni Advisor. "This goal may be a challenge, but we are confident that we can meet it."

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Central Region

Affiliate Name: Minnesota FFA Alumni Association

Minnesota FFA Hall of Fame

Established in 2004 in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of FFA, the Minnesota FFA Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have been influential and supportive of Minnesota FFA. Its purpose is to honor those who have demonstrated a high level of service and longstanding commitment to agriculture, agribusiness, and/or education in agriculture. 132 individuals have been inducted since its inception.

Nominees are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Contributions and service the candidate has provided to agriculture/agribusiness, to education in agriculture and FFA. Consideration should be given to longevity.
  2. Leadership to the candidate’s profession, to agriculture/agribusiness, education in agriculture and to the FFA;
  3. Career accomplishments, honors and recognition;
  4. FFA leadership at the local, state, and national level;
  5. Leadership and support to other agricultural/agribusiness related organizations and/or agencies;
  6. Responsibilities, leadership and/or services to non-agricultural groups and organizations;
  7. Participation and support of philanthropic endeavors;
  8. Service to and participation in activities which promote agriculture, agribusiness, citizenship, education and the FFA.

The Hall of Fame has been a wonderful way to involve supporters of agricultural education and the FFA by nominating deserving recipients and celebrating leadership in the state. Nominations are due in January and a selection committee consisting of a variety of FFA members, alumni and agricultural educators make the final decision on who is inducted. An induction ceremony is held in April at the State FFA Convention in conjunction with the Minnesota FFA Foundation Honors Reception. The inductees are also introduced during the Awards Program to the 2,000 plus students, advisors, parents and supporters in attendance.

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Eastern Region

Affiliate Name: Michigan FFA Alumni Association

Michigan FFA Alumni Host School Officials Trip to National FFA Convention

Michigan School Officials pose for a photo with a couple of Michigan FFA Alumni during their visit to the 2011 National FFA Convention.

Since 1998, Michigan FFA Alumni has sponsored a trip to the national FFA convention targeted at school administrators, counselors and school board members. It is hoped that this trip will benefit local FFA programs with a better understanding of the organization, as well as the relationship of the supervised agriculture experience and agriscience instruction that makes FFA and agriculture education a complete learning experience.

Their goal is to have 15 school leaders attend each year. In 2011 they only had seven attend, but in 2010 they hosted 17. Financial support for those attending is provided by the local FFA alumni affiliates and county farm bureaus. In addition, the Michigan FFA Alumni provide up to six scholarships for any leaders that would like to attend from schools that do not currently have a local FFA program, with the hope of establishing new chapters in the state.

This trip is an action packed two days of attending convention sessions, going through the FFA Career Show, meeting with state FFA officers and FFA Alumni. In addition, the school leader spends about two hours with FFA chapter members from their school. If a leader is from a school that does not have an FFA program, they are assigned a nearby chapter that has volunteered to take them on a tour of exhibits and share their FFA and agricultural education experiences.

The leaders are taken from Michigan from stops in Lansing and Coldwater to the convention in Indianapolis, IN via tour bus. They are provided rooms for one night and three meals. During breakfast on the second day a group of five to seven FFA members from outstanding chapters give a presentation regarding how FFA has affected their lives, what their career goals are and the leadership experience they received from the FFA. This presentation always makes a lasting impression on the leaders.

Michigan FFA Alumni has found a successful method to advocate for agricultural education and FFA with local school officials through this program. Understanding that educating and engaging decision makers will ensure the future of their current programs and maybe even open doors for new opportunities, Michigan FFA Alumni leaders have committed time, people and resources to ensure this program has a legacy on Michigan FFA and agricultural education.

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Southern Region

Affiliate Name: Mississippi FFA Alumni Association

Mississippi FFA Alumni Sponsors Rookie Ag Teacher Award

The Mississippi FFA Alumni saw a need to encourage first year agriculture teachers because they understood that the first year of teaching can be hard, time consuming and, at times, overwhelming. FFA Alumni leaders wanted to let these new teachers know their efforts are appreciated and developed an award program for first year agriculture teachers. The Mississippi Rookie Ag Teacher Award is presented annually to the outstanding rookie Ag teacher in each of the three FFA districts in Mississippi. From these three district winners, one is selected as the Rookie Ag Teacher of the year. This has evolved into an honor and a big encouragement to first year teachers/FFA Advisors.

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