Mission & Values

Agriculture teachers rely on FFA Alumni members to help them get more support from the community for their agriculture programs and to give them more time and freedom to do what they do best - teach kids!

FFA relies on alumni members for help with recruiting students and raising funds for chapter activities and scholarships. FFA Alumni members also assist at FFA camps and conferences, the national FFA convention and other personal development programs.

Through their commitment to FFA and agricultural education, FFA Alumni help guide the young people in their communities down the path to success.


The vision of the National FFA Alumni Association is to be the premier champions for agriculture, agricultural education and FFA.


The mission of the National FFA Alumni Association is to support and advocate for agricultural education and FFA through gifts of time, talent and financial resources at the local, state and national levels.


  • We value the integral nature of FFA and agricultural education.
  • We value agriculture as an essential part of society.
  • We value diversity in serving all populations.
  • We value the impact of a teacher on a student's life.
  • We value the impact and involvement of parents/guardians and communities on a student's life.
  • We value the community's support of agricultural education teachers and programs.

Goal One
Every FFA chapter has an active and fully engaged FFA Alumni affiliate at the local level.

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It is evident that Alumni affiliates play a key role in today’s agriculture education community. The role is more vital than ever, especially in today’s education climate where funding is often short with expectations continuing to rise. An effective FFA Alumni affiliate of strong volunteers will allow teachers to “take the reins” in their classroom and allow their supporters to be charged with fundraising, advocacy and more. Affiliates reduce the work load, provide valuable resources and give agriculture education programs much needed guidance and support.

Goal Two
Become leaders in advocacy for agriculture education at a local level.

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Once established, affiliates are enabled to be the voice and organized voting power for a local agriculture education program. The local movement is focused around building community support. This goal involves everyone who makes decisions about how to support agriculture education – including legislators, local businesses, school boards, other teachers and all members of the community. To succeed we must lead!