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1960s & 1970s

  • 1969 – The delegate body of the National FFA Convention establishes the alumni class of membership as part of the National FFA Constitution.

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  • 1969 – A temporary executive council, approved by the National FFA Board of Directors and National FFA Officers, develops the National FFA Alumni Association with a tentative constitution, bylaws and budget.

  • 1970 – The National FFA Board of Directors and National FFA Officers authorizes a loan of $50,000 to develop and implement the Alumni Association.

  • 1970 – The Life Membership class created and a quarterly newsletter developed.

  • 1971 – Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming chartered at the National FFA Convention.

  • 1972 – Organizational meeting held in Chicago (on May 12) with 33 states represented (30 chartered). New charters included: Alabama, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

  • 1972 – The first annual meeting of the National FFA Alumni Association takes place. Nine states are chartered: Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada and South Carolina.

  • 1972 – The official FFA Alumni emblem is adopted and a plan for reimbursing states $1 per member when alumni membership met or exceeded total FFA membership in that state.

  • 1972 – A memorial fund for life membership is established.

  • 1972 – Multiple year memberships are established and the Legion of Merit Citation is sanctioned.

  • 1972 – Several Alumni retail items are developed by the National FFA Supply Service.

  • 1973 – During the second annual meeting, charters are established by Arkansas, New Mexico, New York, Vermont and Washington. 98 Legion of Merit Citations are presented.

  • 1973 – Delegates vote to add the Alumni Relations Division to the FFA Program of Activities.

  • 1974 – The first FFA Alumni Program of Action is adopted along with a constitutional amendment which opens FFA Alumni membership to all individuals interested in promoting vocational agriculture and the FFA.

  • 1974 – The first Outstanding Achievement Awards are presented to Jerry Litton, Orion Samuelson and William Kuhfuss at the National Convention.

  • 1976 – Robert W. “Woody” Cox transitions to executive director.

  • 1977 – Alumni leadership workshops are developed and became a highlight of the National FFA Convention.

  • 1977 – National FFA Alumni becomes a representative member of the Sponsor’s Advisory Board (now known as the Sponsor’s Board).

  • 1978 – The FFA Committee on Government is instituted and becomes an active standing committee. David C. Thomas serves as the first chair from 1978-82.


  • 1983 – Alaska becomes the 49th state to charter.

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  • 1984 – $185,000 is extended to National FFA Alumni to develop and promote its growth by the National FFA Organization. National FFA Alumni has since repaid the balance in full.

  • 1985 – The first annual National FFA Alumni-sponsored auction is held. FFA Leadership Scholarships have continued to be funded via the auction.

  • 1987 – The first National FFA Alumni State Leaders Conference is held at the National FFA Center.


  • 1991 – Restructuring of the National FFA Organization is approved by the National FFA Board of Directors. As a result of the restructuring, the FFA Alumni becomes an affiliated association.

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  • 1991 – The FFA Alumni began its own supply service and the budget and operations are separated from the administrative operations of the National FFA Organization.

  • 1995 – Ricardo L. Valencia is installed as the executive director.

  • 1996 – Country music artist Ty England is established as National FFA Alumni’s official spokesman.

  • 1997 – Gene A. Starr is selected as the new executive director.

  • 1998 – The National FFA Alumni Association moves to its new location at the National FFA Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • 1999 – The 28th National FFA Alumni Convention is held in Louisville, Kentucky where 15th annual Alumni Auction reaches the $100,000 mark for the first time.

  • 1999 – Twenty $1,000 chapter grants are awarded for the first time to local FFA chapters.


  • 2002 – J. Frank Saldaña is selected as the new Executive Director.

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  • 2005 – Louisville, Kentucky hosts the National FFA Convention and the National FFA Alumni Convention for the final time.

  • 2006 – Indianapolis, Indiana hosts the National FFA Convention and the National FFA Alumni Convention for the first time and will continue until hosting until 2012.

  • 2008 - The National FFA Alumni Benefit Auctions generate a record breaking $198,000 in support of student scholarships at the 81st National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN.

  • 2009 -  National FFA Alumni provides the Harvest for America Food Drive program sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Carhartt. Chapters and Alumni in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin were invited to conduct food drives to benefit their community and compete for prizes and state and national recognition.

  • 2009 - National FFA Alumni, as part of Campbell Soup Company’s “Help Grow Your Soup” campaign, restored five barns. Each project engaged the barn owner and their family, the local FFA chapter(s) and FFA Alumni as well as numerous other community members. The project was repeated with five more barns in 2010.

  • 2010 -  The name of the annual National FFA Alumni summer conference is changed to FFA Alumni Development Conference to more accurately describe the purpose of the event.

  • 2010 -  National FFA Alumni again provides the Harvest for America Food Drive program sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Carhartt. Chapters and Alumni in Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee are involved.

  • 2011 – National FFA Alumni celebrates its 40th Anniversary by issuing a membership challenge to each state to increase their affiliates by 11% in 2011 and set a goal to increase total membership by 11%.