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National FFA Organization
P.O. Box 68960, 6060 FFA Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46268-0960
Phone: 317-802-6060

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General Contacts

Customer Service     317-802-6060
Orders and Catalog Merchandise Inquiries 888-332-2668
Orders/Shipment Follow Up Sheridan Gilchrist 888-332-2668
Media Inquiries Duane Brodt 317-802-4351
Scholarships Teri Buchholtz 317-802-4419
Membership Glenna Gordon 317-802-6060
Webmaster Kensley Lewis 317-802-6060
Foundation Sponsors Todd Greenwood 317-802-6060
Ag Career Network Glenna Gordon 317-802-6060

Division Contacts

By Program Staff Direct Phone
212° & 360° Conferences Megan Tanaka 317-802-4222
212° & 360° Conferences Logistics Kim Henry 317-802-4362
Advisor Development Program Larry Gossen 317-802-4352
Ag Ed Resources Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
Agriscience Fair Jenna Genson 317-802-4402
Agriscience Fair Logistics Kelsey Kasting 317-802-4215
Agriscience Teacher Award NAAE 859-257-2224
American FFA Degree Rebecca Carter 317-802-4271
American FFA Degree Logistics Rosalie Hunsinger 317-802-4255
BLAST Off Megan Tanaka 317-802-4222
BLAST Off Logistics Cindy Hefner 317-802-4256
Bright Ideas (State Officer Newsletter) Shane Jacques 317-802-4315
Career Development Events Jenna Clark 317-802-4225
Career Development Event Logistics Open Position 317-802-4225
Convention Band/Chorus/Talent Emily Johnson 317-802-4350
Expo Administration Bryan Kelley 317-802-4455
Convention Courtesy Corps Emily Johnson 317-802-4350
Convention Delegates Shane Jacques 317-802-4315
Convention Hall of States Bryan Kelley 317-802-4455
Convention Housing Ellen Williams 317-802-4269
Convention Director Dale Crabtree 317-802-4353
Convention Manager Mandy Hazlett 317-802-4312
Convention Arena Programs Coty Black 317-802-4219
Convention Mega Store Sarah Pell
Lisa Etter
Convention Parking and Shuttle Services Jim Armbruster 317-802-4334
Convention Registration Ellen Williams 317-802-4269
Convention Shopping Mall Bryan Kelley 317-802-4455
Convention Tours Melissa Higdon 317-802-4383
Convention Workshops Megan Tanaka 317-802-4222
Core Catalog Katy Mumaw 317-802-4304
Distinguished Service Award Crystal Hart 317-802-4319
Educational Material Development Ambra Tennery 317-802-4465
FFA New Horizons Julie Woodard 317-802-4310
FFA Pulse Julie Woodard 317-802-4310
FFA Week Duane Brodt 317-802-4351
Food For America Michelle Sullivan 317-802-4345
Honorary Degree Crystal Hart 317-802-4319
International Leadership Seminar for State Officers (ILSSO) Shane Jacques 317-802-4315
International Leadership Seminar for State Officers (ILSSO) Logistics Cindy Hefner 317-802-4256
Licensing Inquiry Nicholas Radivan 317-802-4370
Logo Request 317-802-6060
National Chapter Award Jenna Genson 317-802-4402
National Chapter Award Logistics Kelsey Kasting 317-802-4215
National Days of Service Melissa Higdon
National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO) Megan Tanaka 317-802-4222
National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO) Logistics Cindy Hefner 317-802-4256
National Officer Selection Process Keisto Lucero 317-802-4321
National Officers Coty Black 317-802-4219
New Century Farmer Program Ryan Amaral 317-802-4356
New Century Farmer Program Logistics Lindsey Calhoun 317-802-4262
Partner Development Activities Tony Small 317-802-4300
Proficiency Awards Rebecca Carter 317-802-4271
Proficiency Awards Logistics Rosalie Hunsinger 317-802-4255
Rural Youth Development Program / USDA Living to Serve Stefanie Sebastian 317-802-4462
SAE Grants Rebecca Carter 317-802-4271
SAE Grants Logistics Rosalie Hunsinger 317-802-4255
SAE Programs Rebecca Carter 317-802-4271
SAE Programs Logistics Rosalie Hunsinger 317-802-4255
Service Engagement Michele Sullivan 317-802-4345
Star Awards Rebecca Carter 317-802-4271
Star Awards Logistics Rosalie Hunsinger 317-802-4255
State Officers Resource Center Shane Jacques 317-802-4315
State Presidents' Conference (SPC) Shane Jacques 317-802-4315
State Presidents' Conference (SPC) Logistics Kim Henry 317-802-4362
Teach Agriculture Larry Gossen 317-802-4352
VIP Award Crystal Hart 317-802-4319
Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) Development Keisto Lucero 317-802-4321
Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) Logistics
Advisor Program
Crystal Hart 317-802-4319
Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) Registration Kim Henry 317-802-4362
FFA: Food For All Grants/ Living to Serve Stefonie Sebastian 317-802-4462
Environmental Grants/ Living to Serve Stefonie Sebastian 317-802-4462

National FFA Staff

Name Title Telephone
Dr. Steve A. Brown National Advisor & Board Chair
Program Specialist - College and Career Transition Branch
US Department of Education
Dwight Armstrong Chief Executive Officer 317-802-4412
Sherene Donaldson National Executive Secretary
Program Specialist - College and Career Transition Branch
US Department of Education
Joshua Bledsoe Chief Operating Officer 317-802-4346
Cyndi Shacklette Executive Assistant 703-838-5889
Donna Kemp Executive Assistant 317-802-4460
Kent Schescke Director of Strategic Partnerships 317-802-4330
Bill Stagg Director of Strategic Communications 317-802-4243
Human Resources Division
Bob Webster Director 317-802-4210
Julie Eadie Human Resources Representative 317-802-4211

Talent Management Team
Bill Hale Sr. Manager 317-802-4355
Lisa Tabor Talent Manager 317-802-4242

Financial Services Division
Vicki Settle Financial Services Director 317-802-4298
Tonya Coen Assistant Controller 317-802-4306
Carolyn Chambers Accounts Receivable Representative 317-802-4213
Bill Newell Assistant Treasurer 317-802-4236
Linda Noble Team Leader Accounting Operations 317-802-4289
Colleen Rosene Accountant 317-802-4311
Donald Tribby Accounts Payable Representative 317-802-4206
Lisa Fallon Accounts Payable Representative 317-802-4423
Steven Henry Accounts Payable Representative 317-802-4402
Kelly McKibben Accounts Receivable Representative 317-802-4212
JoAnn Arthur Accounts Receivable Representative 317-802-4421

Convention, Awards, Recognition, Events and Service Management
Dale Crabtree Director 317-802-4353
Awards and Recognition Team
Rebecca Carter Team Leader 317-802-4271
Rosalie Hunsinger Program Manager - SAE based awards-Proficiency, American Degree, Stars 317-802-4255
Jenna Clark Education Specialist - Career Development Events 317-802-4225
Kelsey Kasting Program Manager - SAE Grants, Proficiency and Stars Trip, National Chapter, Agriscience Fair, 212° and 360° conferences 317-802-4215
Terri Buchholtz Program Manager – Scholarships 317-802-4419
Jenna Genson Education Specialist – National Chapter, Agriscience 317-802-4402
Open Education Specialist 317-802-4271
Events Management Team
Melissa Higdon Event Manager - Convention 317-802-4343
Ellen Williams Event Registration Manager - Convention Housing and Registration 317-802-4269
Mandy Hazlett Senior Event Manager 317-802-4312
Emily Johnson Event Manager - Convention, Band, Chorus, Talent and Courtesy Corp 317-802-4350
Living to Serve Team
Michele Sullivan Sr. Team Leader 317-802-4345
Stefonie Sebastian Education Specialist 317-802-4462
Kayla Lumpford-Mitchell Program Coordinator 317-802-4267
Marilyn Ross Program Manager 317-802-4224

Information Technology Division
Joel Gibbons IT Director and Compliance Officer 317-802-4221
Ken Fitzgerald IT Operations Manager 317-802-4404
Steven Keath Application System Admin 317-802-4314
Application Development Team
Greg Hirneisen Sr. Manager 317-802-4400
Gabe Newsome Application System Analyst/DBA 317-802-4313
Gregory Phillips Senior Business Analyst 317-802-4344
Darryl Schott .Net Application Developer 317-802-4253
Lara Troyer Enterprise Systems Analyst – PeopleSoft 317-802-4348
Bill Yee Application System Architect – SharePoint 317-802-4259
Jeffery Richardson Application Developer 317-802-4245

Merchandise and Membership Services Division
Lee Anne Shiller Director 317-802-4227
Merchandising & Administrative Services Team
Sara Pell Sr. Manager 317-802-4261
Lisa Etter Senior Buyer 317-802-4252
Lisa Barger Senior Buyer 317-802-4230
Customer Service Team
Sheridan Gilchrist Sr. Manager 317-802-4270
Jeff Chaney Call Center Manager 317-802-4275
Susana Velazquez Customer Service Support Representative 317-802-4273
Pamela Kaufman Customer Service Representative 317-802-4277
Melisa Ringham Operations Process Support Representative 317-802-4249
Terri Robinson Customer Service Representative 317-802-4237
Kristie Rose Customer Service Support Representative 317-802-4417
Angie Stuard Customer Service Representative 317-802-4276
Process Improvement Team
Chris Oconitrillo Manager 317-802-4457
Nikki Palmer Operations Specialist 317-802-4331
Valerie Morrison Operations Research Analyst 317-802-4317
First Call Response & Membership Team
Glenna Gordon Manager 317-802-4265
Marlyce Webster Membership Representative 317-802-4305
Pam Fairchild Membership Representative 317-802-4307
Michele Adkins Program Coordinator 317-802-4301
Antonia Rosado First Call Resolution Representative 317-802-4232
Karla Tiscareno First Call Resolution Representative 317-802-4231
Fulfillment Operations Team
Don Richards Sr. Manager 317-802-4318
Robert Fenner Distribution Supervisor 317-802-4327
Paula Housden Distribution Associate – Engraving 317-802-4278
Lula Moore Distribution Associate – Pick, Pack, Ship
Ryan Pettijohn Distribution Associate – Receiving/Returns 317-802-4283
June Adkins Distribution Associate - Embroidery  
Marketing, Communications, Brand and Sales Management Division
Jan Chronic Director 317-802-4295
Ginny Berg Marketing Traffic Coordinator 317-802-4287
Duane Brodt Public/Media Relations Manager 317-802-4351
Kristin Brouse Marketing and Branding Manager 317-802-4218
Kensley Lewis Web Manager 317-802-4239
Bryan Kelley Senior Sales and Development Manager 317-802-4455
Kristy Meyer Team Leader - Communications 317-802-4205
Geoffrey Miller Digital Media Specialist 317-802-4217
Dimitri Morson Graphic Design Specialist 317-802-4338
Katy Mumaw Senior Content Writer 317-802-4304
Nicolas Radivan Sales and Development Manager 317-802-4370
Donna Ramseur Marketing Division Assistant 317-802-4235
Erik Winning Video Production Manager 317-802-4290
Julie Woodard Communications Manager 317-802-4310
National FFA Foundation
Molly Ball Foundation President 317-802-4357
Amy Swain Executive Assistant 317-802-4335
Ryan Gallagher Director of Individual Giving and Major Gifts 317-802-4297
Rita Robertson Individual Giving Coordinator 317-802-4234
Will Fett Stewardship Manager 317-802-4415
Kristen Self Individual Giving Major Gifts Officer 317-802-4333
Denae Pyle Major Gifts Associate 317-802-4302
Ethan Miller Planned Giving Intern 317-802-4268
Todd Greenwood Director of Corporate Giving 317-802-4361
Diana Hirneisen Administrative Assistant 317-802-4401
Dana Montgomery Administrative Assistant 317-802-4418
Ryan Tate Strategic Accounts Director 317-802-4411
Glenn Sims Sr. Regional Director 317-802-4209
Maggie Stith Sr. Regional Director 317-802-4424
Lori Randle Regional Director 317-802-4241
Kim Weseli Regional Director 317-802-4425
Dan Rhodes Regional Director 317-802-4251
Kelly Kaiser Corporate Giving Coordinator 317-802-4258
Jennifer Schuessler Foundation Controller 317-802-4360
Camille Paulsen Contribution Processing Supervisor 317-802-4354
Beverly Runnels Data Analyst 317-802-4246
Jackie Edwards Project Process Coordinator 317-802-4291
Partner Services Division
Tony Small Division Director and Director of the National FFA Alumni Association 317-802-4300
Jim Armbruster Partner Services Specialist 317-802-4334
National FFA Alumni
Jada Buchanan Program Manager 317-802-1325
Phyllis McDonald Program Coordinator 317-802-4332
Local Program Success Team
Kevin Keith Team Leader 317-709-0806
Larry Gossen LPS Specialist 317-802-4352
Nina Crutchfield LPS Specialist 501-827-1866
Ben Meyer LPS Specialist 317-802-4347
Frank Saldana LPS Specialist 765-336-4300
Leadership, Education and Assessment Division (LEAD)
Christine White Director 317-802-4212
Alee Gunderson Program Assessment and Evaluation Manager 317-802-4223
Ambra Tennery Sr. Educational Consultant 317-802-4465
Collegiate Programs
Ryan Amaral Education Specialist 317-802-4356
Lindsey Calhoun Program Coordinator 317-802-4263
National Officer Management Team
Coty Back Team Leader 317-802-4219
Jill Mantey Program Manager 317-802-4296
Leadership Development Team
Tina Paris Senior Team Leader 317-802-4309
Kim Henry Program Manager - 212/360, SPC, WLC Registration, National Officer Selection Process 317-802-4362
Keisto Lucero Education Specialist - WLC, National Officer Selection Process 317-802-4321
Shane Jacques Education Specialist - State Officer Programs, SPC, Delegate Process, and ILSSO 317-802-4315
Megan Tanaka Program Manager - 212° / 360° Conferences, Convention Workshops, BLAST Off, NLCSO 317-802-4222
Cindy Hefner Program Manager - Convention Arena, ILSSO, NLCSO, & Blast Off 317-802-4256
Crystal Hart Program Manager - WLC, Delegates, Convention Workshops 317-802-4319