FFA Outreach Programs

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Through its outreach programs, FFA encourages its members and advisors to use their knowledge and skills to serve others.

FFA outreach programs help to teach elementary school students where their food comes from. They help to teach older students and adults about the importance of the agriculture industry. They help the public understand the important role that science and technology plays in producing our food. They lend a helping hand to those in need.

Food For America Curriculum

Food For America is an educational program focusing on agricultural literacy in elementary schools and communities. It is a program developed to assist FFA members and all agricultural education students in leadership skill development as they reach out to youth, peers and their entire communities by sharing the world of agriculture. Cost - Free​​

Feeding the World - Starting at Home

National FFA’s Feeding the World—Starting at Home initiative is a compelling educational movement to help students understand the issues and effects of hunger. Students then take action to support the human right to safe, affordable, abundant and nutritious food as a means of reducing hunger at home and abroad, starting with a look at the U.S.

National Days of Service

The focus of the National FFA Organization's National Days of Service (NDoS) program is to actively educate FFA members and their advisors on how various community needs can be addressed, how FFA members' skills can be utilized to effect community change, and how FFA members can take information learned at one community service site to provide a similar service in their own community.

National Collegiate Agricultural Ambassadors

Twenty-one college students from across the nation were chosen to serve on the 2010-11 National Collegiate Agricultural Ambassador team.

The selected individuals possess the opportunity to promote agriculture awareness throughout their community and state, as well as a chance to help various organizations and groups better understand the value and importance of the agriculture industry.

Help FFA chapters recover from recent weather-related disasters.

Weather has dominated the headlines of many local communities. From forest fires to tornadoes to floods, many regions have been dealing with Mother Nature and her impact.

Many of you may be wondering how you fellow FFA chapters have been affected by these recent events and how you can help.

Partners in Active Learning

Partners in Active Learning Support
(PALS) is a mentoring program that matches FFA members with at-risk or special needs elementary school students.

PALS mentors teach young students about the science and business of agriculture. They also serve as positive role models, helping their mentees learn to set goals, and build positive self-esteem.

National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy

With the added pressure for students to perform at higher levels on high stakes standardized tests and the natural fit for agriculture teachers to teach science in an applied or contextual setting, the need for teachers to receive high quality professional development activities has increased. Given the opportunity provided to agricultural education through the support of DuPont, agricultural education instructors have been able to participate in the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy.