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Living to Serve

The last line of the FFA motto is "Living to Serve." It signifies the vital role that service plays in our organization.

By getting involved in your community, you and your chapter members demonstrate that you care about your neighbors and the town or city in which you live.

Uniting with others makes it possible to more in your community, so consider partnering with local organizations or student groups to accomplish similar goals.

Community Service

Community service is the engagement of individuals or groups in an organized activity that contributes to the national, local or world community.

Some also refer to it as "volunteering" which is the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause, without payment for their time and services.

Common community service projects include adopt-a-highway, canned food or clothing drive, or tutoring other students.


A common misconception is that service learning is the same as community service, but there are distinct differences.


  • occurs over the course of a school semester or year,
  • makes learning more hands-on,
  • includes intentional structured reflection,
  • and creates reciprocal partnerships.

Service–learning projects provide a meaningful way of applying the leadership and educational skills learned in school and through FFA to address a community issue.

Simply put, the value of service–learning is learning by doing.

Examples of service–learning projects:

  • Create a community garden and harvest the produce throughout the year. Donate the produce to local food pantries. In addition, hold educational workshops on how to create backyard container gardens.
  • Develop and participate in a recycling program for the school and the community.

Grant Opportunities

FFA: Food For All Grant

Feeding the world-starting at home with FFA: Food for All grants!

The National FFA is pleased to announce the availability of funds, to help fight hunger, in the form of a competitive grant process for chapters. FFA: Food For All grants are provided through funding from Farmers Feeding the World, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and CHS Foundation.

Rural Youth Development Grant

Youth build strong rural communities!

The Rural Youth Development (RYD) program, funded by the USDA/NIFA, helps students develop leadership skills and apply them to the real world.

Living to Serve: Environmental Grants

The National FFA is pleased to announce the availability of funds, to help fight hunger, in the form of a competitive grant process for chapters.The LTS: Environmental Grants are provided through funding from CSX.

Chapters Funded by Living to Serve Grants

An interactive map highlighting communities with service–learning projects.

Community Walk