FFA Global Program

Our Programs

FFA Global programs give students and teachers the opportunity to explore the different agricultural practices and cultural in other countries around the world.

Those who participate in global programs:

  • Develop a broader perspective as they become more culturally aware.
  • Gain a greater understanding of an ever-changing global marketplace.
  • Learn about internship and employment opportunities from global industry leaders.
  • Develop friendships with diverse groups of people who share a common interest in agriculture.

FFA Global Outreach: Africa

The six college-age FFA members selected to participate in the FFA Global Outreach: Africa (FFA Global Outreach: Africa) program recently embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Zambia, Africa.  As part of the intensive three-week engagement experience, members of the team are assisting local farmers fight area hunger and poverty through sustainable agriculture and conservation.

FFA Go in Zambia

International Collegiate Agricultural Leadership Program

College students who participate in the International Collegiate Agricultural Leadership (I-CAL) program, travel overseas to learn about global agriculture and international marketing.

International Leadership Seminar for State Officers (ILSSO)

Current and past state officers are invited to participate in the ILSSO. Students will spend ten days traveling abroad experiencing local culture as they develop a better understanding of international agriculture and the global marketplace.

Proficiency Travel Seminar - Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Proficiency and Stars Travel Seminar empowers FFA leaders by providing them with a global perspective. Through this experience, participants gain knowledge by visiting farms and agribusinesses.