American FFA Degree Application Help


American FFA Degree Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do you have a question about American FFA Degree eligibility requirements? Or, about completing the American FFA Degree application? The answer may be in our American FFA Degree FAQ. If you don’t find an answer in the FAQ, please contact us.

American Degree Application Guide
If you need help with a particular question or section of the American FFA Degree application, check American FFA Degree Application Guide. It breaks the application down by section and offers helpful explanations for each question. The guide also includes answers to common questions and a glossary of American FFA Degree terms.

American FFA Degree Checklist
Before your state FFA staff submits your American FFA Degree Application to the National FFA Center, they will use the American FFA Degree Checklist to make sure that your application meets all of the eligibility requirements. You may want to use this checklist as well, before you send your application to your state FFA association.

Excel Template Troubleshooting Tips
The American FFA Degree application is set up in an Excel template. If you are having difficulties with the template, please read our Excel Template Troubleshooting Tips.

Directed Lab/SAE Hours Tips
A common mistake among American FFA Degree is the miscalculation of hours they’ve dedicated to their Directed Lab or SAE. In a single year, a person working a full time 40 hour per week job will work a total 2,080 hours. When calculating the hours devoted to an SAE, try to determine how many hours were spent per week, using the 40-hour work week as a baseline. Remember that most students cannot realistically spend 40 hours or more per week on an SAE or directed lab, when some hours each day have to be dedicated to school, sleep, etc.

For more help in calculating Directed Lab/SAE hours: Directed Lab / SAE Hour Tips

Report Covers and Bindings
Due to limited filing space, we ask you to please not submit your American FFA Degree application with any kind of report cover or special binding. Staple your application in the upper left hand corner instead.

(Exception: if you are applying for a Star award and your American FFA Degree application is included with the Star Battery you may use a report cover or special binding, though it is not required.)

No Decimals in the American FFA Degree Application
Please round up all monetary values in the American FFA Degree application to whole numbers. If a decimal point or space is entered after a whole number a “warning” message will pop up.