Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE

In the Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE, participants are given 30 minutes to deliver a speech on one of three assigned agricultural topics. Students must learn to think on their feet and develop an argument quickly and persuasively.


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2013 Team Orientation Packet

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Press Release

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Effective in 2012 and beyond, CDE scholarships will be given as cash awards. This change will benefit all participants whether or not they choose to pursue higher education and will also develop consistency between national FFA award programs. Scholarships awarded in 2011 or before will continue to be distributed as in the past. Below you will find the cash award amounts for this CDE:

1st- $1,300
2nd- $1,000
3rd- $900
4th- $800


Dr. Allison Touchstone


Send thanks to:
Dan Durheim
Executive Director
American Farm Bureau Federation
600 Maryland Ave SW Ste 1000W
Washington, DC 20024-2555

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