2011 Agriscience Fair Winners

The 2011 Agriscience Fair awards were presented onstage during the seventh general session at the 84th National FFA Convention. The winners are listed below by event:

Biochemistry/Microbiology/Food Science

  • Division One: William Fletcher, Judson FFA, Texas
  • Division Two: Alex Keeler, South Sumter Sr FFA, Florida      
  • Division Three: Lakshmi Iyengar and Michelle Zhao, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey
  • Division Four: Julia Vanzelli and Panki Kothari, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey


  • Division One: Junelyn Gamao, Madison FFA, Texas
  • Division Two: Samantha Giffen, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey
  • Division Three: Ashley Rigby and Alexa Swain, Lehi FFA, Utah
  • Division Four: Kenna Faulkenberry and Scotta Faulkenberry, Stephenville FFA, Texas


  • Division One: Tryston Brandon, Bethel FFA, Oklahoma
  • Division Two: Anna Reding, Alpena FFA, Arkansas
  • Division Three: David Pintens and Grandon Scheil, Barron FFA, Wisconsin
  • Division Four: Danny Greenberg and Gianna Tempera, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey

Environmental Science

  • Division One: Lynnmarie Jarratt, Los Lunas FFA, New Mexico
  • Division Two: Joseph Meyer, Tillamook FFA, Oregon
  • Division Three: Alex Brynes and Steven Petrides, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey
  • Division Four: Kevin Trigani and Ananya Sureshkumar, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey


  • Division One: Chrysta Beck, Pettisville FFA, Ohio
  • Division Two: Maryanna McClure, Dyersburg FFA, Tennessee
  • Division Three: Marlen Diaz and Carina Partida, Ceres-Central Valley FFA, California
  • Division Four: Lacey Peterson and Lilly Webb, Millennium FFA, Arizona