Why should I utilize the Agricultural Career Network?
The Agricultural Career Network is designed to streamlined classroom, SAE and FFA record-keeping in an effort to engage every student and reduce paperwork for teachers. The system will also allow students to document academic experience, financial earnings and investments and leadership development. The system will also evolve in the next year to allow for the electronic filing of all National FFA applications.

How do I access the Agricultural Career Network to begin my initial set-up?
To access the Agricultural Career Network, visit ffa.org. There you will have a sign-in link, which will replace the “MyFFA” log in that is currently in place.

Will the Agricultural Career Network be open to all agricultural education students or just FFA members?
Based on the concept of inclusion and with the desire to drive more students to become active FFA members, the agricultural career network will be open to all agricultural education students. However, some features/benefits, such as scholarships and internships, might not be available to non-members.

Will the Agricultural Career Network be compatible with current state systems?
The interface will be designed so that current state membership systems may be able to utilize the Agricultural Career Network through published web services for those that have the ability to modify their systems or work with National FFA on other integrations. For those who do not currently have a state system, the teacher should be able to export data from their school system and import into the agricultural career network.

Is this an SAE record book system?
The Agricultural Career Network is not a record book system; however, information from compatible electronic record books may be uploaded to the network. Information from SAEs for applications and reports not uploaded from an electronic recordkeeping system may be manually entered into the summary pages by the student.

Will the Agricultural Career Network allow us to upload information from excel files, classroom management and other sources?
The Agricultural Career Network will allow for electronic upload/transfer which means information must be in a standard entry/format sequence, such as Excel. The National FFA Organization will provide a template for this purpose.

Is the Agricultural Career Network compatible with Mac, or is only compatible with PCs?
The Agricultural Career Network is compatible with both computer platforms; however, there will be a few different commands and icons to allow for all information on both platforms. The optimum browser for Mac computers will be Mozilla Firefox

Who will have access to the information on the Agricultural Network?
The privacy of our members, chapters, states and other users is always on our mind. The server for the Agricultural Career Network will have state-of-the art, industry-based security protocols. The National FFA Organization will not share individual student and/or teacher information with anyone. However, we will be sharing sponsor information with stakeholders who opt-in to receive information regarding scholarships, internships and career opportunities that exist within our system.

How will statistical information be provided using the Agricultural Career Network?
As stated earlier, individual student and/or teacher information will not be shared with anyone. When stakeholders, such as sponsors, researchers and our Team Ag Ed partners request statistical data it will be made available only in aggregate form.