Privacy Policy - 2012 Changes

As we add functionality to our website, AgCN and our online merchandise store, we need to make some modifications to our privacy policy which is attached. The primary changes deal with third party partners and/or vendors such as Career Cruising and In addition, we are using a third party marketing tool that assists us in better follow-up with customers starting an order on our online store but fail to complete the order. After being sent an e-mail follow-up many of these customers complete their order.

BROWSER COOKIES #1 (Permission to Use)

Permitting the use of cookies helps the National FFA Organization to identify specific web experiences and behaviors so that more targeted and effective messages can be crafted and member-specific promotional campaigns developed. Permitting the use of cookies will also enable the NFFA to improve predictive merchandising sales forecasting, thus increasing the incidence of a purchase occasion.”

BROWSER COOKIES #2 (Opt-Out Verbiage)

Web visitors always have the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ of any number of benefits and functions provided by third party partners of the NFFA. It is important to note however, that once the visitors’ browser setting has been changed (after selecting ‘opt-out’), the performance of the visitors’ web experience may be altered.


The National FFA Organization strongly encourages website visitors to read the privacy policies of all third party sites. It is important to remember that any personal data you choose to provide to unrelated websites, is not covered by this NFFA policy.