National FFA Alumni 40th Anniversary

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Happy 40th Anniversary

The National FFA Alumni Association has been educating, advocating and leading since 1971 and in 2011 celebrates its 40th anniversary. Now is the time to join us and be part of the organization that believes in the future of agriculture through FFA and agricultural education.  Dig in below more information about FFA Alumni’s 40-year history, its current endeavors and its aim for the future.


Join us in Indianapolis this October to celebrate 40 Years.


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Since its founding in 1971, FFA Alumni has been a crucial part of extending the reach of the National FFA Organization. FFA Alumni’s journey from foundation to today is a path rich in memorable moments geared to enrich FFA’s impact.








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FFA Alumni celebrates its 40th birthday in 2011 with the theme “40 Years and On the Grow”. We are currently encouraging involvement via campaigns to grow membership, expand state FFA Alumni associations and increase the number of local FFA Alumni affiliates. Join us in celebrating this anniversary and get involved with July’s FFA Alumni Development Conference in Little Rock, Ark., or for October’s 40th National FFA Alumni Convention in Indianapolis.





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The future for FFA Alumni is a bright one, and one that you can easily be a part of. There’s no requirement of past FFA membership to be part of an association dedicated to educating the public about agriculture education, assisting FFA chapters at the grassroots, local level and advocating for the future of agriculture education. Join us as we strive to make sure each of the 7,487 FFA chapters have an active and fully engaged FFA Alumni affiliate.  




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