National FFA Alumni Council - President Elect

Robert Barton


Bob BartonOccupational Background or Experience:
Self-employed, Excavation contractor /Developer
We started as a Land Leveling contractor, growing into commercial and residential construction and development, another large part of our business is wildlife habitat restoration in and on agricultural lands.

FFA Alumni Activities:
Hermiston FFA Alumni - Past President, Auction committee chair, Scholarship committee chair, judge, chauffer, advisors shoulder, Trap Shoot committee participant, etc etc
State FFA Alumni - 6 yr Eastern Oregon Rep., current President Elect, OVATA Board Rep, State Foundation Board Member
Life member since 2003

FFA Activities or Awards:
Local - Tractor Driving, Crop production, Champion Swine Showman, Ag Mechanics, Chapter President
State - Ag Mechanics, Crop Production, Parly Pro
National - Ag Mechanics Bronze Award

Outstanding Achievements and Community Activities:
Local - Hermiston Resource Ctr Board Member, Alumni BBQ cook, Membership growth, Honorary membership
State - % membership growth (Blazer winner), OVATA Yellow dogs member, Honerary membership
National - silent auction volenteer, honerary membership


I have organized software for our silent and live auction at the local level, spent countless hours helping the advisors, Working with community members, school board members, county commissioners, our state legislature and even parents to educate them about Agricultural Ed.​​