Alumni Webinar - Organizing an Effective Membership Drive

Organizing an Effective Membership Drive

December 16, 2010

7:30 p.m. ET

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National FFA Alumni Resources:

Lincolnwood FFA Alumni Resources

Stoughton FFA Alumni Resources


  • Introduction of 2011 Membership Challenge
  • Overview of Membership Structure and Categories
  • Communicating Membership Benefits
  • Planning and Executing Effective Membership Drives
  • Overview of Available Resources


Guest Speakers

Thomas Marten – Lincolnwood FFA Alumni, Illinois

Darlene Arneson – Stoughton FFA Alumni, Wisconsin


How do you make sure FFA and ag education is sustained in your city and state by having a strong, powerful FFA Alumni voice?

Growth and progress are sure fire ways of ensuring your Alumni affiliate has that powerful voice. As a way of celebrating its 40th anniversary, the National FFA Alumni association is dedicated to growing membership and assisting each local and state affiliate establish their own effective membership drive.

The first webinar in our new monthly series is dedicated to creating an effective membership drive. We've created some membership challenges, resources and benefits to provide incentive for new members and help local and states work smarter, not harder.

You won’t want to miss this webinar! It will be an effective, interactive presentation complete with guest speakers and visual aids.

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