Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights lesson plans are designed to be used to teach a course in leadership or train your chapter officer team. They can be used in sequence, or you can pick and choose to fit your program.


Self Management
This unit focuses on personal responsibility, critical thinking, decision making skills, time and stress management as well as our individual role as citizens.

Understanding Myself as an Individual
This unit focuses on self-concept, self-evaluation; understanding personal strengths and weaknesses and discusses ethics and values.

Setting Goals
This unit's lessons center around setting individual and group goals and evaluating progress.

Preparing for the Future
Unit four focuses on interview skills and developing a portfolio.

Social Skills
This unit focuses on first impressions, proper etiquette and building new relationships.

Group Dynamics
Working in groups can be a challenge; this unit focuses on relating to others, leadership styles, conflict resolution, building trust and forming and maintaining successful committees.

This unit helps students to value multiculturalism within their classrooms and communities.

This unit introduces students to the various partnerships that are valuable for an FFA chapter; with other student organizations, community groups and business and industry.

Chapter Organization
This unit will help students develop a program of activities, building a chapter schedule and project planning. There are lessons on membership recruitment and creating a chapter constitution.

Running Effective Meetings
This unit will help your students understand the ins-and-outs of running an effective chapter meeting.

Special FFA Events
Purposely assist your students in preparing for leadership workshops, retreats, the FFA banquet and FFA Week with these grab-and-go lessons.