Partners in Active Learning Support (PALS) Instructional Materials

Partners in Active Learning Support (PALS) is a youth mentoring program that matches caring and motivated FFA members with elementary youth. Started with pilot sites in 1991 with a grant from the Kellogg Foundation, this program has made great strides in fostering partnerships between students in the mentor/mentee relationships, between community advisors and the students, and between the community at large and the PALS program. Research has shown that mentoring programs are very successful in helping students develop their self-esteem as they experience success for their efforts and work with an individual who cares about them.

The specific objectives of the PALS program are to improve interpersonal, human relations and leadership skills through a long-term mentoring program. While participating in this program, both the mentors and the mentees develop an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of learning styles and develop strategies to encourage all students. Mentors acquire leadership and planning skills as they work as a team to develop individual and groups activities.

Below you will find lesson plan handbooks by grade as well as materials for advisors, mentors and advisory committee members.

Handbook #1 - Grades 1 and 2
Unit 1: Plants and Gardening
Unit 2: Field to Fork
Unit 3: Mathematical Applications
Unit 4: Environmental Science
Unit 5: Team Building Activities

Handbook #2 - Grades 3 and 4
Unit 1: Technology
Unit 2: Renewable Energy
Unit 3: Recycling
Unit 4: Agricultural Awareness
Unit 5: Agricultural Mechanics and Technology
Unit 6: Animal Science
Unit 7: Environmental Science
Unit 8: Food Science
Unit 9: Plant Science

Handbook #3 - Grades 5 and 6
Unit 1: Food and Nutrition
Unit 2: Health and Fitness
Unit 3: Making Good Choices
Unit 4: Miscelllaneous

Advisor Materials

Mentor Materials

Advisory Committee Materials