PALS: Advisory Materials

PALS is a mentoring program that matches high school agriculture students with elementary students to help them get excited about school, explore their interests in plants, animals and their environment, and develop their personal skills. Mentoring activities will center around building trust and developing positive self-esteem through sharing and working together in a one-to-one relationship.

Advisor's Guide (PDF)

* File is very large, please allow time to download

Step 1: Organize your PALS advisory committee
Step 2: Program planning with your advisory committee and developing yoru PALS mission statement
Step 3: Identify and train FFA members as mentors
Step 4: Work with elementary staff to identify mentees
Step 5: Develop calendar of activities for the PALS program
Step 6: Obtain resources necessary for activities
Step 7: Publicize your program
Step 8: Evaluate each activity and provide opportunities for improvement
Step 9: Celebrate your successes

PALS Participation Certificate (DOC)