Plant Science

Use these 12 lessons as a platform for emphasizing how plants are more than just food. Explore the anatomy, the by-products and the innovative growing methods that define a plant’s life cycle.

Plant Science and Anatomy:
Unit Objective: Utilize plant science concepts in the agriculture industry.

1.1: The Functions Of A Plant
1.2: Plant Needs
1.3: Salad Investigation

Consumer Awareness:
Unit Objective: Recognize the importance of plant uses and consumer product awareness.

2.1: Exploring Plants: They Are More Than Just Food!
2.2: Reading Plant Produce Labels

Unit Objective: Discuss the impact of plant science on fiber production.

3.1: Fibers And Agriculture
3.2: From Farm To Fork: Plant Product Pathways

Environmental Impact:
Unit Objective: Identify environmental impacts related to plant production.

4.1: Plants And The Environment - A Delicate Balance
4.2: Responsible Agriculture: Plants And Environmental Stewardship

Unit Objective: Discuss technologies and methods related to plant production.

5.1: Innovation For The Future Of Agriculture
5.2: Franken Foods? - Genetically Modified Crops
5.3: Plant Doctor - Challenges With Growing Plants