Natural Resources

Foster an appreciation for conservation and preservation of the world’s assets through this unit. Twenty-five lessons teach about air, water, soil, forestry and alternative energy and the best practices used to maintain their integrity.

Renewable vs. Non-Renewable:
Unit Objective: Compare renewable versus non-renewable resources.

1.1: Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources
1.2: Are Natural Resources Really That Important?

Unit Objective: Explain the role of clean air in sustaining life.

2.1: Types of Air Pollution

Unit Objective: Explain the role of clean water in sustaining life.

3.1: Not A Drop To Drink? Understanding The Impact Water Quality Has In Sustaining Life
3.2: My Water's Been Where? Understanding The Water Cycle
3.3: When Water Becomes Un-Useable
3.4: Understanding Point vs. Non-Point Source Water Pollution

Unit Objective: Explain the importance of maintaining soil quality.

4.1: The Effects Of Soil Erosion On Soil Profiles
4.2: The Effects Of Soil Quality On Animal Life
4.3: The Affects Of Soil Quality On Animal Life
4.4: You Are The Scientist!

Unit Objective: Explain the basic concepts of the forestry industry.

5.1: You Are Barking Up The Right Tree!
5.2: Would You Believe It's From A Tree?
5.3: The Amazing Race In The Forest!
5.4: How About Taking A Bird's Eye View Of The Forest?

Alternative Energy:
Unit Objective: Describe alternative energy sources utilized in the United States.

6.1: Energize Me...The Alternative Way!
6.2: Solar, Wind or Biomass: Who Will Be The Next Alternative Energy Star For Agriculture?
6.3: Back To The Future...Agriculture Style!
6.4: Plants In Your Gas Tank...Farmers Fueling Our Future!
6.5: Alternative Energy Jeopardy

Natural Resource Stewardship:
Unit Objective: Identify best practices to be utilized in Natural Resources Stewardship.

7.1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
7.2: Conservation Strategies
7.3: Person Product Choices
7.4: Reducing Negative Environmental Impact
7.5: Mathematical Concepts In Natural Resource Stewardship