Introduction to Agricultural Science

This unit, consisting of 28 lessons, plants the seed of discovery by giving an overview of agriculture. Watch your students grow into confident speakers, team builders, and learners as they examine their perceptions of agriculture, their role as consumers and stewards and the science behind it all.

Human Safety:
Unit Objective: Create a safe learning environment in the classroom, laboratory, and virtual environment.

1.1: Safety First
1.2: Safe Time Online

Defining Agriculture:
Unit Objective: Evaluate how agriculture supports all life (i.e. agriculture is an “everything industry”)

2.1: Where Would We Be Without Agriculture?
2.2: A Tent Off the Pathway
2.3: Don't Touch That Dial: Agriculture's Economic Impact
2.4: Agriculture Then and Now

Foundational/Life Skills:
Unit Objective: Apply foundational and life skills learned through agriculture in the school and community setting.

3.1: Meeting Communication Survival Guide
3.2: Five Ways to Make a Decision: Consensus Building, Compromise and Community Building
3.3: Getting the Message Across: Written and Oral Communication
3.4: Experiential Learning
3.5: The Final Four - Agricultural Leadership Opportunities
3.6: If You're Ripe, You'll Rot! - Personal Growth Plans

Agriculture Products:
Unit Objective: Analyze common agriculture perceptions.

4.1: Our Nation's Commodities
4.2: Are You Coming In or Going Out?

Agriculture Perceptions:
Unit Objective: Recognize local, state, national, global scope of agriculture.

5.1: Perceptions vs Reality
5.2: Characterisitics of Agriculturalists
5.3: Myths about Food Productions

Consumer Knowledge:
Unit Objective: Create informed, educated, and confident consumers of agricultural products.

6.1: Reading Between the Lines
6.2: "Role" With It!

Unit Objective: Explore practices, procedures, and methods of environmental stewardship.

7.1: Stewardship and Accountability
7.2: Production Agriculture and the Environment

Unit Objective: Examine the components of the Food and Agricultural Literacy: Applying Mathematics and Science Concepts Curriculum.

8.1: The Process of Producing
8.2: Plants Have Issues Too - Issues Related to Plant Production
8.3: Prime Rib Please! - Issues Related to Animal Production
8.4: Natural Resources in the Agriculture Industry
8.5: Advancing Through Time
8.6: Issues Beware!
8.7: Exploring Careers in Agriculture