Food Science

Do your students know where their food comes from? This unit is sure to clear up any misconceptions they might have! Trace the pathway from processing to the global food chain in 26 lessons to illustrate its impact on consumers.

Consumer Awareness - Field to Fork:
Unit Objective: Recognize how food product pathways affect consumers.

1.1: Mapping My Food
1.2: Tomato Travels
1.3: Planes, Trains And Automobiles: A Transportation Tour
1.4: Fact Or Foe: Consumer Perceptions
1.5: Safety First - Responsibilities For A Safe Food Supply
1.6: Government Agency Karaoke
1.7: Stop The Spread - A Look At Human And Animal Health Issues
1.8: Disaster Reactor

Processing Safety:
Unit Objective: Examine processes involved in food science.

2.1: Processing Our Foods
2.2: How To Avoid The Danger Zone
2.3: From Farm To Fork
2.4: An Apple Of An Adventure!
2.5: Moooving Milk From The Farm To The Fridge
2.6: Something's Fishy About Processing!
2.7: The Importance Of Processing
2.8: Let's Supply A Little Demand For Food!

Production / Marketing:
Unit Objective: Recognize the importance of food marketing and economics on the local, state, national, and global scope of the agriculture industry.

3.1: Food Is What Makes The World Go Round!
3.2: It's A Global Food Chain!
3.3: This Little Student Went To Market
3.4: Crunching Numbers Food Science Style!
3.5: Embarking On Food Marketing

Food Nutrition and Labeling:
Unit Objective: Critique food labels and claims.

4.1: It's All In A Label
4.2: Critique Food Labels And Claims
4.3: The Truth Behind The Label
4.4: Teamwork! - The USDA's Food Pyramid And The FDA's Nutrition Facts Labels
4.5: Trail Mix Math