Animal Science

Consisting of 21 lessons, this unit focuses on the animal industry through the lens of awareness and consumerism. Watch the learning curve fly off the charts when you study the vocabulary used in the animal industry. Then move into why and how the animal industry functions the way it does, and conclude with empowering students' decision-making skills.

Unit Objective: Recognize basic terminology used in the animal industry.

1.1: What Do You Call It? - An Introduction To Livestock Terminology
1.2: Fishing Trip Into The Aquaculture Industry

Production Systems:
Unit Objective: Recognize common production systems used in the United States.

2.1: Livestock Reproduction Methods
2.2: Niche Products, What Do They Really Mean?
2.3: How Are Pigs Raised? Swine Production Systems
2.4: Livestock Management Practices
2.5: How Are Sheep And Goats Raised? Sheet and Goat Production Systems
2.6: Where Do They Come From? The Chicken And the Egg
2.7: Where's The Beef Come From?
2.8: Where Your Milk Comes From...Dairy Production Systems

Unit Objective: Identify by-products generated from the animal industry.

3.1: Species Specific By-Products
3.2: Specialty Animal Production Systems

Consumer Awareness:
Unit Objective: Recognize the importance of animal product uses and consumer product awareness.

4.1: Animal Agricultural Myths
4.2: Who Is Watching Out For Us?

Animal Welfare and Care:
Unit Objective: Describe responsible animal welfare and care practices.

5.1: Care And Handling
5.2: We Are All In This Together!
5.3: Proceed With Caution!
5.4: Welcome To Ethics Court!

Environmental Sustainability:
Unit Objective: Identify environmental impacts related to animal production.

6.1: The Impact Of A Good Steward
6.2: The Impact Of Good Practices
6.3: Reducing Animal Effects On The Environment