Agricultural Science and Technology

A crucial step towards appreciating agriculture is understanding how much it has evolved. Take a walk through time as you explore the role of research and technology in agriculture. This unit, consisting of 17 lessons, forms a pathway of understanding the impact that progress has on the way we feed ourselves, our family, our country and our world.

History of Ag Innovations:
Unit Objective: Identify key developments in the progression of agriculture.

1.1: Important Agriculture Inventions
1.2: The Impact Of Progress

Unit Objective: Discuss agricultural research.

2.1: Who Helps Agriculture?
2.2: Agriculture Research Goals
2.3: Consumer Benefits From Research
2.4: Practicing The Scientific Method
2.5: Research In Agriculture
2.6: Germination Research
2.7: Researching Plant Growth Conditions
2.8: Drawing Conclusions
2.9: Research Marketing; To Buy Or Not To Buy

Unit Objective: Discuss concepts and issues related to biotechnology.

3.1: Identifying Biotechnology
3.2: The Pros And Cons Of Biotechnology
3.3: Extra! Extra! Biotechnology In Agriculture

Emerging Technology:
Unit Objective: Recognize the significance of emerging technology in agriculture.

4.1: Emerging Technologies In Agriculture
4.2: Robotics In Agriculture
4.3: Let's Research Technology In Agriculture!