Agricultural Issues

Help your students fine tune their awareness about the issues that impact agriculture. In 18 lessons you’ll explore the instruments that can cause unnecessary frenzy. From exploring the role of the media to the effects of the economy, your students will orchestrate the know-how to become informed advocates for agriculture.

Evaluating Issues:
Unit Objective: Evaluate current agriculture issues.

1.1: Identifying Agriculture Issues
1.2: Evaluating Sources Of Agriculture Issues
1.3: Evaluate Current Agriculture Issues
1.4: Agriculture Issues In Animal Agriculture
1.5: Issues In Conserving Natural Resources
1.6: Presenting On Agricultural Issues

Economic Impacts:
Unit Objective: Discuss the economic impacts of agriculture.

2.1: What's All The Commotion About?
2.2: Economic Impact Of Agriculture Issues
2.3: Using Math To Understand The Economic Impact Of Agricultural Issues
2.4: Breaking Away From The Frenzy

Agriculture Advocacy:
Unit Objective: Recognize the significance that advocacy has in agriculture.

3.1: The Role Of An Advocate
3.2: Advocacy In Agriculture

Animal Welfare vs. Rights:
Unit Objective: Discuss animal issues.

4.1: Rights vs. Welfare
4.2: Who Is Taking A Stand?
4.3: Get The Facts Straight
4.4: Ensuring Animal Welfare
4.5: Controversy In Showing And Raising Livestock
4.6: You Decide