Living to Serve (LTS) Committee Challenges

The Committee Challenges have been written to be led by either the FFA Advisor or preferably the chapter president or Community Service Committee Chair. Their primary purpose is to take a local Community Service Committee through the entire planning process for a service event. They could also be used in an advanced Agriculture Leadership course as a special unit on Community Development. The Committee Challenges are designed for the committee to do a comprehensive assessment and implementation of a service learning project. There are four basic steps that occur in an effective service learning project: Assessment, Plan, Implement and Reflect. Each of the Committee Challenges fall into one of these four processes and allows for the committee to explore and arrive at decisions critical to a service project. Each Committee Challenge is designed to be implemented during a chapter meeting or some other appropriate time.

Living To Serve Committee Challenge Guide (PDF)

The Committee Challenges are:

The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) is an agency of the USDA. Its mission is to advance knowledge for agriculture (and other areas) by supporting research, education and extension programs in the Land-Grant University system and other partner organizations including nonprofit associations. Some of the above programs are administered through CSREES.