Unit 4: FFA Programs

This guide is a companion to the Official FFA Student Handbook. Its purpose is to provide you with information to facilitate your students' learning of FFA material and involvement opportunities. The guide is designed to make efficient use of your time and engage your students at a high level in the classroom. Containing lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities, worksheets, questions, vocabulary and discussion topics, the guide has everything you need to teach new students about FFA.

Everyone approaches teaching new students about FFA differently. That includes the amount of time you have available to spend teaching FFA-related materials. The lesson plans below are suggestions to help cover the highlights of FFA in the time frame you have available. Feel free to substitute lesson plans and activities that best suit the needs of your program - this is only a guideline that gives you a starting point from which to work.

Lessons in Unit 4 can be referenced by information in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the Official FFA Student Handbook. PowerPoints to support this information are included here:

Beyond the Local Level (PPT)
Scholarships and Awards (PPT)