Agri-Entrepreneurship Program Instructional Materials

The Agri-Entrepreneurship Education Program

The Agri-Entrepreneurship Education Program is designed to increase the amount of entrepreneurship being taught in local agriculture programs across the country. With this information, students will be better prepared to become entrepreneurs and will begin to perceive entrepreneurship as a viable career choice.

Twelve free lesson plans were recently developed that educators can use to teach entrepreneurial concepts. The lesson plans are available below and also include a downloadable .pdf file including all handouts needed for the classroom. The lessons have been developed incorporating National Standards and can be used singularly or as a complete educational experience.

Lesson 1.1 The Entrepreneur in You
Lesson 1.2 The Good and the Bad of Risk
Lesson 2.1 You Supply They Demand
Lesson 2.2 Research Equals Money in Entrepreneurship
Lesson 3.1 Brands and Business Goals
Lesson 3.2 On Target for Competition
Lesson 3.3 Marketing Your Product
Lesson 4.1 Where do I Start? What Should I Know?
Lesson 4.2 Cash Flow
Lesson 4.3 Balance Sheet
Lesson 5.1 Understanding Legal Requirements
Lesson 5.2 Advancing Your Enterprise

The Agri-Entrepreneurship Program is sponsored by USDA Rural Development as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.