Census of Agriculture: Supplemental Kits

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has provided these tools to help students and communities understand the importance and usage of the Census of Agriculture.

Community Outreach Kit

This outreach kit includes presentations and accompanying handouts for students and teachers to use in conducting local outreach meetings to education adult audiences about the local results of the Census of Agriculture, the process used to conduct the census and other agricultural information available from NASS.

This community outreach kit is an extension of the classroom materials and is specifically designed for FFA students to deliver the presentations.

Enrichment Worksheet Kit

This kit focuses on non-agricultural education school settings, especially elementary and middle school students. You'll find downloadable worksheets and hands-on activities based on math standards and problem solving strategies for all school level and for high school students to increase their understanding of the census in tandem with their mathematical skills. Activities in this kit integrate with the lesson plans for the same grade level. The elementary and middle school activities can seamlessly be facilitated as an outreach project allowing FFA members to teach mentees and other school children (K-12) about the significance of the census.

Integration Ideas Kit

These kits provide agricultural educators practical ways to incorporate the 2007 Census of Agriculture into their classroom, program planning and utilization of the census when engaging students in various civic engagement opportunities. Additionally, the kits provides ideas to prepare students for Career Development Events (CDE) and conduct quality Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs (SAE).