SAE Fact Sheets

Sometimes it’s difficult to quickly share the story about SAEs with students, parents, community members, etc. For that reason, these 15 “SAE Fact Sheets” have been created. Use them as instructional resources to educate partners or as tool on home/SAE site visits.

  • History of SAE (PDF)
  • Benefits of SAEs (PDF)
  • SAE Assessment (PDF)
  • How SAE Supports Academic Standards (PDF)
  • Financing an SAE (PDF)
  • Placement SAE (PDF)
  • Research SAE (PDF)
  • Entrepreneurship SAE (PDF)
  • Exploratory SAE (PDF)
  • Ag Service-Learning SAE (PDF)
  • Other SAEs (PDF)
  • The Correlation Between SAE and FFA (PDF)
  • Legal and Safety Awareness (PDF)
  • SAE for Special Needs Students (PDF)
  • SAE Supervision/Visitation (PDF)