Defining and Developing SAEs: Introducing SAEs -- A Short Course

MS.68 : Understanding SAEs (PDF)

Utilize this group of lessons to introduce SAEs. Should a student enter the Ag Ed program as a junior or senior and miss the introductory class on SAEs, this short course can be designed as a self-study for the student.

MS.69 : Record Keeping (PDF)

HS.124 : Seven Roads to Success (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.126 : Taking My Trip (Understanding SAEs) (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.127 : Choosing My Vehicle (Planning SAEs) (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.128 : Managing My Journey (Managing SAEs) (PDF)

HS.129 : Adjusting Your Journey (Evaluating SAEs) (PDF) | (PPT)