Expanding, Promoting and Managing an SAE: Ethics in Showing

HS.105 : Involvement in Community (PDF) | (PPT)

Personal integrity and role models make FFA members the forefront of community service. Students actions in and out of the classroom are influential to others in the community.

HS.34 : The Consequences of Ethics (PDF) | (PPT)

Students will learn the positive and negative consequences of ethical and non-ethical behavior when working with show animals.

MS.7 : Being Honest with Myself and Others (PDF) | (PPT)

It important to be honest with myself and others while showing to maintain the integrity of the a students SAE and the FFA Chapter.

AHS.41 : Understanding the Role of Responsible Citizens (PDF) | (PPT)

High school students are not only participants in livestock shows, but are also producers of food products. Responsible citizenship ensures a safe food supply.