Classroom Management: Team Projects

HS.65 : Defining Teamwork (PDF) | (PPT)

Chose from the list as a sequence or as individual lessons to be used as needed to facilitate team building and cohesion in group projects.

HS.66 : Levels of Teamwork (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.67 : Types of Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.68 : Defining Roles on Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.69 : The Role of Leader on Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.70 : The Value of Diversity on Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.71 : Appreciating Individual Talents and Strengths (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.72 : Appreciating Cultural Diversity (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.73 : Strategies to Include Others on Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.74 : The Importance of Attitude (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.75 : Developing Common Purpose on Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.76 : Accountability on Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.77 : Communication Methods on Teams (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.78 : Dealing with Non-team Players (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.79 : Setting Team Expectations (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.80 : Team Codes of Conduct (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.81 : Decision Making in Groups (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.82 : Skills for Consensus Building (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.83 : Introduction to Situational Leadership (PDF)