Student Study and Achievement: Researching Skills

MS.12 : Demonstrating Self-organization Skills (PDF) | (PPT)

Chose from the list as a sequence or as individual lessons to be used as needed to provide students with researching skills.

MS.13 : Trying New Ideas (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.14 : Developing Goals (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.15 : Setting Goals (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.43 : Answering Questions from Others (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.45 : Planning a Public Presentation (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.46 : Identifying Planning Skills (PDF)

MS.47 : Using Planning Skills (PDF)

MS.48 : Evaluating a Plan (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.49 : Defining Problem Solving (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.50 : Identifying Problems Correctly (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.51 : Resources Available (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.52 : Developing Solutions and Strategies (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.53 : Evaluating Potential Impacts (PDF) | (PPT)