Classroom Management: Communication Skills

MS.37 : Conversations in Groups (PDF)

The following lessons can be used to strengthen communications skills.

MS.38 : The Importance of Listening (PDF)

MS.39 : Good Listening Habits (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.40 : Types of Communication (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.41 : Forming Key Messages (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.42 : Responding to Audience Feedback (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.43 : Answering Questions from Others (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.44 : Getting Your Message Understood (PDF) | (PPT)

MS.45 : Planning a Public Presentation (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.84 : The Need for Communication to Influence Others (PDF)

HS.93 : Effective Listening Skills (PDF) | (PPT)